Years ago, I was working on the set of an underarm deodorant commercial in New York City. I don’t recall how it came up, but during a conversation with one of the producers, he confided in me that while he was serving in Vietnam during an ambush situation in Da Nang, his platoon was forced to remain silent while a 30-foot diameter disk 20 yards away from them exploded up from the floor of the densely-forested jungle in which they were hiding and up into the sky, streaking away silently.

This TV commercial producer was not a UFO buff, he was just telling me about a bizarre experience he had in Vietnam. A lot of strange things happened in Vietnam. An abundance of UFO sightings was one of them, as documented in this short.

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  • My father told me about aliens in Korea and Vietnam, I always thought that he was just blowing smoke up my butt. Ya know, telling the kids things to make the store interesting. It wasn’t until after his death that everything that he told me was confirmed, and confirmed by people that never even knew him.

  • I hope they do exist, these ETs, and I hope they take me away, one day, to another planet which is not a crazy and bizarre as this one! On second thoughts: I told a chap one day that it is a really f-ed up world. He said: “no, it’s not the world that’s f-ed up, it’s the people in it!!! Can we all come together and just get rid of those who would make our lives f-ed up, and take our power back from them? You know who I mean.


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