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    On Memorial Day, Joe diGenova was on a radio show to tell us that Trump’s order to declassify all documents relating to the origins of the conspiracy to frame him with the Russia Hoax came after FBI Director, Chris Wray and CIA Director Gina Haspel had for weeks stonewalled Attorney General Bill Barr.

    DiGenova says, “This is full-scale war between the Attorney General of the United States and believe it or not, another FBI director who thinks he’s James Comey. Christopher Wray is a disaster. He’s an unmitigated disaster…you are watching the quintessential Washington power battle.

    “Here’s the problem for the agencies: The FBI and the CIA, they have one disadvantage. They can leak to the Post and the Times but they do not have subpoena power – and Bill Barr does.

    “We are headed toward a gigantic, gigantic fight. The intelligence community, which includes the FBI is in full resistance to disclosing what they did during the presidential campaign but here’s the other problem: they’re very fearful of what the FISA Court has already found; that there was political spying going on, starting in 2012, not ’15 not ’16 – in 2012.”

    Some may recall that Obama’s UN Ambassador, Samantha Power was found to have unmasked over 300 NSA databases of Americans via “702 queries”, which include phone calls, text messages, email – the NSA scoops up everything – and they have all of Hillary’s emails, too. Power denied this and it was found that four FBI contractors had used her credentials to illegally log into the system on behalf of Obama, who was spying on all of his political opponents and some of this information was leaked to the press.

    “Why was that spying going on in the Obama administration? The FBI and the CIA desperately fear that if these disclosures become publicly known in a wide-ranging way, their powers may be cut back. FISA may be restricted and some additional people may go to prison.

    “Christopher Wray is now standing in the way of history. Make no mistake about it. Christopher Wray has become an enemy of the people.”

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    • Wonderful development and may it lead DIRECTLY, circuitously will do, to Imran Awan and his 13 year stint of having access to most of the Dem House cell phone pass codes. Intell Committee, Foreign Relashuns, all the oversight knowledge days, weeks, months and maybe years ahead,. wth, the UraniumOne deal took most of hilly’s SoS tour.

      This closed loop cult of extortion, embezzlement, larceny, murder and rote lawlessness perp’d by and for the few has just gotten out of even this mafia like gang’s control. Only one thing now, those involved with the chase down are becoming aware of the special qualities we’ve inherited in tnis Constitutionally limited democratic republic.

      I’m thinking that the generation and a half running things are having to weight some heady ideals, having suffered in making the US a world wide asshole in now pushing 20 years of mindless, souless war, and as of late laughingstock to many.

      Those folks, like myself, are holding their breaths in hope that this is a healthy and grounded counter force…Some salt in this wound, Imran Awan was linked to Pakistani intelligence through his patron and father, so one knows first hand where his bottom line allegiance is/was. Freakin’ ALL HOUSE DIM cell passwords FOR AT LEAST A DOZEN YEARS!!!???? Oh yeh, n he had his own private server in an air conditioned shed on one of his rental properties…clown cars indeed.

    • Deep state has only five eyes. The eyes of God are in every thing and in every place. They are totally outgunned.

      The stars alignment for June 2019 and numerology suggest earthshaking change in government based on impactful information made known. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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