What is the truth about cloning humans?

Are embryonic clones “one of us” or not? Should they have the same legal protections as anyone else?

Is the need to find cures being used to justify scientific research that goes too far?

This is a tastefully made documentary that explores these and other profound questions that we now face, in the wake of medical advances.

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  • Whether one truly knows GOD (not God nor gods) determines their position on this matter. Less than such knowing one is more willing to “play” God and that is closer to, aware or not, doing the work of Evil. Something that power and control thinking excels at, more representative of selfishness.

    IMnsHO and E.

  • I agree with Judy that this [human cloning] has been going on for many decades. Furthermore, it was initially off-world technology which has branched into several developmental lines (robotoids and synthetics) which are widely used by the Deep State. The ethical arguments in this program have validity but basically presentations like this are either to continue to keep the people uninformed or the producers themselves have no clue as to the reality of present-day human cloning technology (which, quite frankly, I don’t believe.)

  • Meh… _any_ genetic manipulation is the same as giving a child a blowtorch while that child is sitting in a bunker full of dynamite with all those string lookin’ things hanging within arms reach. The infantile assertions of ‘the future of man’ and ‘a cure’ completely overlook what that kid is inevitably going to do with the torch and the totally catastrophic results.
    Consider nuclear power now in the dire specter of Fukushima and the 1950’s hubris of ‘we will cross the how to get rid of the waste bridge sometime in the future’ and the TEPCO projections of _maybe_ containing and dealing with the meltdown in 40 or 50 years….infantile, naive, arrogant, eminently dangerous to the planet itself. ..HELLLOOOO…?!!

  • When two humans mate, they reproduce or “clone” a human copy with the exact same genetic structure. All humans are a “clone”. All humans have the exact same genetic structure. Epigenetics is what is confusing people.

  • ‘They’ have already been cloning humans for over 60 years and have armies of them besides those experiments that ‘they’ have done individually. The early versions had soul but the later ones, from about the 80’s on, don’t. All have consciousness since all are part of creation.


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