This video continues Webb’s chronicle of the complex arms deals orchestrated, in part by Hillary Clinton, that helped to arm ISIS via Libya, in a triangle of guns, oil and drugs.

Former CEO of the Clinton Foundation, Eric Braverman was hired by Chelsea Clinton to “clean house” when she noticed highly irregular activities on the part of her parents was resented by the criminals installed there.

Braverman became a target of John Podesta and he knew that his life was at risk, so he resigned. He never showed up for his new post as a professor at Yale University.

It was reported widely in the Alternative Media almost 3 weeks ago that Braverman was seeking asylum in Russia but he has since fallen off the map.

This report from investmentwatchblog.com claims that Braverman is actually in Protective Custody with the FBI, in exchange for testimony against Clinton.

Marc Turi, the Phoenix, AZ-based arms dealer also saw himself being set-up by the Clintons to take the fall and he went to FoxNews with the story but has since disappeared and is currently presumed dead.

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  • For a dead person he sure does use twitter a lot. Good grief, how do you expect to be taken serious if all you do is spread endless lies? I dislike The Clintons, but one thing I hate worse than an village idiot is a liar.
    Eric BravermanVerified account
    CEO, lecturer, expert in using innovation to transform large organizations, advance ethical leadership, and create effective governance. Mets fan.

  • TOM

    Power in the wrong hands is devastating and rules by causing destruction without question. Trump must reduce all power from the evil people who have been running this country. He must make sure they are never involved in any decision making process made for our country regardless of the party they represent. I believe Trump has the intelligence to see the difference and will surround himself with competent people who will be responsible for making America the nation it once was. America must forget the rhetoric and move on.

  • Why would the Arms Dealer from Arizona be presumed dead and what threat was he to anyone? And how would he have been set up to take any kind of fall? The paragraph before that says Braveman was hired by Chelsea; well, that paragraph has some serious issues. The biggest is that it makes no sense.
    If you’re going to write something to try to convince the public of a particular thing then it needs to be brief and concise and it needs to weigh heavy with evidence or at least be somewhat compelling.
    I’m not saying that anything you’re saying is necessarily untrue but the way that you present it makes me think that it may just be another case of sensationalism and tabloid-like hype.

  • Can you please list all of your sources? It sounds really believable, and I don’t want to imply that I’m not on-board with the idea, but I’d like to see the documents you used to draw your conclusions.

    • My sources are the video, itself, other webpages which I will describe and a phone call with someone with whom I’ve been in communication with for several months about a variety of topics, who says he has access to the details of Eric Braverman’s whereabouts. The video was sent to me by a very sharp friend of almost 2 decades who lives in Europe. It piqued my interest, as over the course of the past couple of weeks, a few subscribers had sent me emails with the URLs of a few websites publishing the story that Braverman was seeking asylum (unsuccessfully) in Russia. You can find these pages on Google. Braverman was allegedly doing this to avoid becoming another statistic in the vaunted Clinton Body Count. This morning, I was challenged about this story by another subscriber via email, who mentioned Snopes (without a link) but gave me Braverman’s email address at Yale. I have zero regard for Snopes, at this point, so I went to Yale University, itself. On their website, I discovered that Braverman left his position there in 2015: http://som.yale.edu/eric-braverman – which we know he did, in order to work for the Clinton Foundation. Finally, I have a personal source, whose identity I must protect, who I’ll describe as a retired member of one of the Special Forces. He has many contacts at high levels of the military, the FBI and similar departments of the US Government. It was he who verbally told me that Braverman is in protective custody with NYC’s FBI.

      • I’ll look further into this, however, without sources I will have to rely on what’s already been corroborated and reported by other news sources.
        Either way I know that the Clintons are very corrupt and while I personally cannot prove that they are responsible, either directly or indirectly, for the demise of certain individuals, I believe that they most likely are and that they are intermingled with and associated with a bigger and more dangerous machine that runs over anyone who threatens it.

  • I am learning about all this stuff starting about one week before the election. So it turns out the Benghazi situation was further reaching than I knew, and the Clintons have been a lot more corrupt than I already knew.

    That Braverman guy will probably never be talked about by the main stream media, he is probably six feet under somewhere.

  • What goes up must come down and the time has come. All this had to come out inthe public domain in order to be cleansed now it’s up to Trump to clean up the mess.
    Next step will be to make sure that no other jokers on the coast think of jumping in the vacuum.
    Eventually every participant is going to get what it deserves.
    And more is going to be revealed on illegal activities not only in the US but abroad too as many of those activities are connected thru banks and shell companies worldwide.

  • Why can’t those of voting age be mature enough to give Trump a chance? The system that would have voted Hillary in instead voted him to the office, albeit by narrow margin..

    Now he is the President, fair and square. You can criticize your parents but they are still your parents. You can criticize your President but he is still your President. As such he will succeed or fail.

    He was not bought by outsiders with hefty campaign contributions. He was a successful business man so he just might be a successful President just not being in anyone’s pocket. He is far from perfect but many past Presidents I admired were no better.

    First, give him the chance. Then make a more educated judgement.

    • They are failures brought up on television, failed schools, Marxist professors. You can call them Generation Failure. Hopefully they will mature enough to see the truth. This shows you the power of the corrupt news media. The MSM should not be enriched by our viewership, resources or participation buying from their advertisers/sponsors. Boycott the News Media and take the country back 2.0.

  • “This report from investmentwatchblog.com claims that Braverman is actually in Protective Custody with the FBI, in exchange for testimony against Clinton.”

    That would be interesting if it was true. The FBI has been protecting Clinton and has now decided not to? Sounds fishy to me.

    • This is the NYC office of the FBI, which is at odds with Director Comey, as are most of the rank-and-file FBI agents, according to numerous reports.

  • This may sound callous and vindictive, it is not, but i hope the dead guys were tortured by their own before they were whacked by their fellow loser criminals, as it may turn them. I have been tortured and pain is an intense teacher … maybe next lifetime they won’t be such greedy evil arszsholes.

  • Good Lord! Money, drugs, gun laundering, and murder all pointing to the Clinton Foundation and the Clintons. These people are the worst kind of criminal. They target the entire nation with their plotting and scheming. This has got to be made into a movie but not done by the Hollywood Elite. One has to be a genius to follow this tangled web, and sadly, the majority needs a visual to do that.


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