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    The United States has been kidnapped by the National Security Act, as shown so well, in this interaction between Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) and Charles McCullough, Intelligence Community Inspector General (ODNI OIG), during a hearing of the United States House Committee on Oversight and Government regarding the High Security nature of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

    When asked by Rep. Chaffetz which intelligence agency is in possession of the “hot” emails, McCullough responds that those who have “ownership” of them will not release any information about them, as they are characterized as “ORCON” (Originator Controlled). Furthermore, McCullough cannot say which actual agency is in possession of these emails, “In an open hearing.”

    Chaffetz grins at the ludicrousness of this situation, commenting, “So, you can’t even mention which agency won’t allow us, as members of Congress to see something that Hillary Clinton allowed someone without a security clearance, in a non-protected format to see!”

    When pressed further for the Inspector General reasons as to why this information is so protected. McCullough replies, “We shouldn’t get into the content of these emails in an open hearing.”

    Chaffetz backs down and says, “I don’t want to violate that but the concern is that it’s already been violated by Hillary Clinton – and it was her choice, she set it up and she created this problem and she created this mess and we shouldn’t have to go through this – but she did that.”

    McCullough responds: “This is the segment of emails that I had to have people in my office read in to particular programs to even see these emails. We didn’t possess the required clearances and compartments -”

    “So, even the Inspector General of ODNI didn’t have the requisite security clearances?” asks Chaffetz.

    “That’s correct,” replies McCullough.

    Chaffetz reacts, “Wow. Wow, wow, wow.”

    The YouTube creator of this clip believes that ODNI McCullough should technically have the right to view all artifacts deriving from the US intelligence community and she speculates as to whether or not the “owner” of this intercepted cache of emails might not be the UN (a thought which would never cross my mind).

    Personally, I just think that the Deep State has no respect for the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community. He is the window-dressing or the façade of accountability in the US Government, which is essentially non-existent.

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    • A nation of fools who allow this kind of nonsense deserve to lose their rights and freedoms. I’m glad that I’m old enough that I won’t have to see the republic end, but I lament for my children.

    • Who said only republicans are investigating Clinton? Get your head outa your anus! If the dems were the only ones investigating the dems nothing would be investigated, nor even probably be illegal…..give me s break! They all have had plenty of time to tell the truth and no one told it so now let’s try to make it a Party affair? I am sick of idiots pointing at Bush like a spoiled kids that they are. Americans should kick out every idea of political parties and maybe, just maybe, justice would come back and no fools would be saying what the jerk just said.

    • Fact is, folks, she’s a Clinton, and they can get away with murder and never face a day in jail for their acts!!!

    • Soooooo, depending upon who you quote, somewhere between 70% and 80% of all classification generation comes from OUTSOURCED, PRIVATE CONTRACTORS. So, these civilians are telling our government representatives and our government auditors and inspectors what they/WETHEPEOPLE can see in order to protect ourselves and the sanctity of the justice system and ‘their’ cleptocracy…er, no, I meant OUT DEMOCRACY?…eh, too confusing, no, intentionally deceiving.

    • Well, here we go again with the smoke and mirrors. Any logical thinking person can only surmise that what is in these e-mails are so highly secretive that only certain people are allowed to see them, i.e. potus. This then begs the question ” How does Hillary expect anyone to believe she didn’t send or receive any classified information if they were in fact classified so secret that congress doesn’t have the clearance to review them?” Come on man!

    • 2 wrongs doesn’t make a right. Wow!! Now I know why they call LIBERALISM a Mental Disorder. And for those that just have no Commonsense at all. Maybe book smart thats it.

    • The American people will have to be the Judge & Jury at the Voting booth or kiss America good bye. Even a monkey with no commonsense would no not to be supporting Hillary with all the Corruption between her and bill all the way back when they were in Arkansas. Google it you owe it to your self & family And that includes all of America citizens. Do the searching. Pass it on to everyone you know. Please Thank you.

    • So nothing found by feds to prosecute her but then we have an intel inspector who does not have clearance to see or talk about said emails. Which one is it going to be?

    • What the hell does he mean no, charges will be brought, it is called “Treason” , By not following the laws regarding the sending of classified material. That in it’s self is a treasonous act, is it not? It does not mater what the content of the material was, they were classified as to hot to touch, (ow) is that not a act of treason? If not, why the hell not? It also just goes to show, “she can not be trusted to follow procedures, or protocols” So is that not enough to show she should “NOT” be president of the United States of America.. And if she gets away with it, witch she has, it also demonstrates that there will be no “election”, just another change of shoes for the “ruling class”.

    • If the republicans investigated Bush and company like they are doing to Clinton, and did to her husband,Bush would have been in prison long ago. Instead, they enacted a new ,get this, retroactive FISA law to keep Bush out of prison. <with Obama 's approval,no less..Isn't it a coincidence that the republicans only investigates democrats. They use so called investigates to make money for themselves ,ripping off the taxpayers.A disgrace and an outrage!!!

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