The Western elite, together with the CCP created and promoted and distributed a bioweapon, comprised of graphene oxide, SPIONs, parasites and an artificial mRNA that reprograms your body to manufacture spike proteins that give you AIDS.

It was not as deadly as they’d hoped, so they decreed double jabs and then, third and fourth booster shots, culminating in the October 15th global mandates to force-vaccinate the global workforce.

Clif High suggests that those Commonwealth and EU countries that are now the most besieged by the bankster elite are likely to experience a higher die-off, due to their high vaxxine compliance.

He says that Russia, Africa and Latin America are not as fully infiltrated by these bankster hoodlums and therefore not as severely under attack.

Timing is everything, because the mortality rate in 2021 has skyrocketed by 2.5% or even 4% since 2019, depending on the country and the more people who see vaxx mortality firsthand, the sooner they will shut down the vaxx.

He explains, “The governments are these captured things of the [Western Bankster Elite], working with the CCP, working to exterminate humanity, because it’s in the CCP’s interest to do this.

“This is a weird bizarre tale, it’d a weird bizarre scenario, it’s a weird bizarre plot, it’s a weird bizarre view of reality and unfortunately, I think it’s probably pretty accurate, in a broad brush, right?

He continues, “There’s people within the power structure that don’t know they’re doing the dirty work of the Powers-that-Be, these would be a lot of the people that are giving the jabs, these people believe this bullshit. They’re mind-controlled, they think there is a virus, they think that you must wear the mask, that the masks really work, that the vaccines really work, they actually believe this shit, although much of that might be eroded by now, much of their belief, I see that more and more, in the population out here.”

People will begin to drop out of existence. One day, you will notice the absence.

There’s a lot more in Clif High’s report – watch it now!

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  • Alexandra dear, Cliff is saying the current death rate is (anecdotally) running 2.5 to 4 TIMES the 2019 rate; it looks like you have transcribed that as 2.5 to PERCENT. Personally (again, obviously anecdotally) I don’t live in Israel or wherever else Clif mentioned, but in my neck of Michigan, I’m not seeing ANY funeral processions (much less 2 or 3 times as many as usual). So (as IS usual) I’m going to be taking Cliff with a couple grains of salt.

  • They’ve set up International passports n chips with a few state & country exceptions..
    I wonder how this will be taken into effect, how far, how can it be disassembled?

  • Look at the map. If you want to batten down Russia and Europe you need to control the Suez canal (Israel), Gibraltar, Iceland and South Africa traffic. Australia and NZ for South China sea and Seychelles for navy base. Ain’t this the most “vaccinated” countries?

  • Has anyone seen RT lately? Being Russian this media is so f*cked up too, and I don’t believe Russia hasn’t become a puppet.

    China is a puppet.

    spike protein does not do damage, but other ingredients do.

  • Gives credence to Biblical warnings: “You will be seven months burying your dead”; “Save for the elect (the non vaccinated?), no flesh will be saved”; “A thousand will fall dead to your right hand, ten thousand to your left”: “My children will be destroyed from lack of knowledge”: “Come out of her My people lest ye be partakers of her iniquities”. The scariest one of them all is: “Our God is a consuming fire”, and “You will tread the ashes of the wicked under the soles of your feet”, referring to the possibility of the chemicals in the vaccines causing the body to form extremely volatile acetone gas within the cells causing cases of spontaneous human combustion going along with the old saying, “let them burn in hell”. Look up: “Biology of Kundalini – Exploring the Fires of Life” by Jana Dixon to explore this theory further for yourself. China should not be messing around with God’s secret build-in biological weapon of mass destruction located at the base of the human spine, “kundalini”, it could backfire on them too and make them very sick and insane because they do not know the Bible and what Jesus is all about. So God is said to: “sit on His throne on high and LAUGH at having them all in derision”. Psalms 2:4.

  • With all the people crossing the border they are filling in the gap in the die off. Likely preplanned, otherwise open borders make no sense! Also, brings to mind all those plastic coffins.

  • Is the EAst Coast Tsunami a Deep State action to really get ahead of the battle ? The Palma Island shedding it western wall would cause a massive KILL on the east coast of the US

  • Your theories are suspect when you don’t mention that the US funded the MrNA/Sars research in Wuhan & organ harvesting, as well as the illegal and covert experimentation on humans is the hallmark of the US & Israel. So if anyone is behind this madness it’s the usual suspects and that’s not China. I think they are being used as a convenient dupe but I think this diabolical plot unfolding before our eyes originated in the West, per their Nazi usual.

  • Clear, insightful, and at the same time plaintive in his projection of events. Does the final human act culminate in the power hungry and greedy eating each other? How dark. Duality demands that the flip side also exists, supported by the law of cycles which portends a golden eventuality. Like children who, energetically cycled over caterpillars, learned they were killing butterflies and stopped, so perhaps it will be with those who succeed in business and politics, for it is they who are the magic minds, instrumental in augmenting our physical comfort.

    • What’s so important about this video or any other Clif makes. He babbles on about garbage & presents Zero evidence as all News Agencies.

  • One must speculate on whether or not all of the vaccinated actually received the mRNA vaccine or a saline solution. The mRNA injections are called experimental. Time will tell.

  • The grand narrative and evil plan is crumbling fast. The media is disintegrated ,as is the respect for the medical sciences.
    I perceive the bioweapon as a dual tech one, bio with mRNA and tech as in graphene and hydra assisted self assembling computer ,able to manipulate one atom thick slices of graphene nearly anywhere in the human body. If the PC hydra shot works on humans then it should work on animals. The neural system of Hydra have been mapped. The hydra have had their legs doped with three colours of photon emitter and receptors. There must be some emphasis ,in the great evil plan of hotwiring the leaders and medical and military people of importance with the inbuilt self assembling hydra biotechnology. Basically what brain/ body implant intended for all of us has NOT been fully activated ,although the mRNA components are doing their stuff. Has it already,as a mind control system,been activated in the white house?

    As the timeline hastens there will be more flailing attempts at a broken plan. When it comes to physical invasion the CCP could use some of the waiting container ships to block naval bases,as well as having secret container ships full of troops.
    Back engineering the graphene hydra discs luciferese etc will be helpful. If you can manipulate a hydra central nervous system , grapheneate their bodies and get them to form electrical circuits with nerves,metal discs.and……electronically tell them to die….this creating a superconducting wire and bio implant circuitry from their dead graphene exoskeleton. The hydra may be instructed to grow another bud to be used as another jump connector/ signalling component. The use of luminescent bio life in the poison is clearly for signaling and octo coupling. The hydra could be veiwed as the self assembling transistors and assembly biobots.

  • They are trying to kill us all. We must not let them succeed., it’s time to stand up and fight, we all have been duped again. Enough is enough no more harming humanity!

  • 45 years of Bible study, trips through religion into spiritual learning and understanding, eradicates the mind death which is religion, countless conversations with immensely wise, spiritually mature souls and only unenlightening bickers with the Happy Clappies – yet, a common theme. Luke 17, Matthew 24 is the conviction that the one taken, is taken by God, the Rapture, a wholly invented expression, nothing in the scriptures refers to the term, and the one remaining is the sufferer. There is nothing in the scriptures which tells where those “taken” go to. It is only through making a link, a desired link without any highly challengeable substantiation from Paul’s Letters that the ones taken are swept up to sit alongside God. No indication is given that those taken have earned their differentiation. Jesus even makes the case that there should be no special reward for the servant who just carries out what is asked of him nor for the 9 of the 10 healed lepers. Why should these 50% be taken for reward when they have done no more than those who are not?

    There can be few observers of the world events with their minds open who can doubt theses vaccines are not a health serum. Clif’s analysis of numbers of people is probably pretty close to the money. His log truck scene and vaxxed driver has more weight to being correct than not. A few videos ago, he gave a simple example of the time it took for a sandwich from his regular coffee shop to be made. I have my own experiences of that in the inhospitality industry but now – I have an approx 80 minutes commute on a busy highway, 80 mins each way. Of late, recent weeks, I cannot do this journey in under 2 hrs, often stretching to 4 hrs, engine off while waiting – multiple vehicle collisions on both legs of the journey. The worst so far was passing a motorcyclists lying motionless with a rug over his face next to his bent bike alongside a stationary truck. Yeah, road accidents have always happened but we’re relatively infrequent. Increases in the same circumstances stretch the concept of coincidence to, you’ve got to be kidding.

    So, is the one taken one of billion Clif refers to.

    Here’s a thought, seeing history being erased before our eyes. Clif us a big promoter of our history is a fabrication. I’m with him all the way. Anyone over 50 talking to anyone under 30 will realise you can tell these kids that Abraham Lincoln was the outgoing President before Bush Junior and they wouldn’t challenge it, not automatically anyway. Only 2/3 of a generation of separation to reach this. If this were put in school books, few would question in.

    So …. Was George Orwell a far sighted writer or did he produce the script being folltin the form of a novel, such as Event 201. Were the “prophetic” scriptures of the Bible written in the late 19th Century as the script for the late 20th, early 21st?

    Look at all the lies of “science” and then look at how they rely on what dead Greeks of 2000 years ago or the mathematics and physics geniuses of 17th Century Europe are credited with as “discoveries”. If something is presented as being old world knowledge, it is instantly accepted and parroted without question.

    If you can feed a 30 year old a lie that a 50 year old would laugh at you for. How short a time do we need to go back to fabricate the ancient scriptures we swallow today? This does NOT challenge Christ, just the stories of Bible characters. Would take an author of modern politics thrillers a couple of weeks to write a Bible.

    So. Is the Rapture, the Rapture or the script of dead motorcyclists and dizzy log truck drivers – 50/50. Odds are not better

    • Jessy, Being born Catholic & searching through other religious organizations in my youth from Born Again to Jehovah Witnesses, I have found the first & last one I mentioned to be helpful when I ran into 2 video’s that make the most sense, titled ‘Jesus Never Existed’ & ‘The Bible’s Hidden Meaning.’ Can be found on ‘Atlantean Conspiracy’ website, under search bar Astrotheology.

  • Spike protein is nothing, other ingredients do harm
    Russian government is as good as fallen
    CCP is just Jesuit puppet. You need see who’s behind connecting bankers/nwo/ccp


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