Gordon Chang joins Joshua Philipp for a quick discussion how the Chinese are genetically-engineering “supersoldiers” and creating gene-targeted weapons to kill specific ethnic groups and how they may be gathering this data as contractors who process data for companies like Ancestry.com. And by gene-targeted weapons, we would be talking about viruses.

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  • Dear Alexandra,

    As a continuance of my previous post; Robert David Steele has posted this:

    “I just got off the telephone with Juan O. Savin (P) and he assures me that US military has not recognized Biden; that NSA disclosure of data is forthcoming soon, and that President Trump has not conceded and will not resign once confirmed as the legitimate winner. Cynthia and I continue our plans for a national tour with all four movies done by the time we start on 1 June, and plans continue for Constitutional Pastors, Constitutional Lawyers, and Constitutional Doctors to join Constitutional Sheriffs as part of our 50 state tour. We serve the Constitution, the Republic, and President Donald J. Trump.”

  • Dear Alexandra,

    If people want a better understanding of my earlier message, I urge them to listen to the interview between Project Camelot and Juan O Savin, at least from 1 hr 15 min.

    Even though most of what was discussed, I was aware of, I think it will be staggering for most of your viewers to come to terms with. Some simply will not have the cognitive ability to do so.

    It makes all of the Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward Videos appear utterly insignificant. It is, without doubt, the best frank explanation of the hidden side of our planet I have ever heard!

    Bearing in mind that the Cabal has educated the public to believe that we are the only planet in our solar system that bears life. That extraterrestrials do not exist, let alone in great numbers within this planet. Whereas, I can tell you that I have colleagues that have travelled to planets outside of our solar system, have gone back in time, often to protect or manipulate events of the future and so much more. None of this is common knowledge but it is going to have to be, very soon!

    Ideally, I think you would be doing your viewers a greater service by having the podcast as your post.

    Project Camelot – INTERVIEW JUAN O SAVIN


  • Dear Alexandra,

    Accepting that here in the UK our Government is utterly corrupt, details of which I will not at this time expand upon, I found this analysis by Project Camelot laid out the present position that very few of your readers, I am certain, understand, let alone could cope with:

    February 14, 2021

    There are several truths that have been revealed as self-evident, well known and shared and substantiated behind the scenes but that continue to be hidden even in the rhetoric of Trump and his team. This became most apparent in the obvious hypocrisy involving Gates, Fauci and Trump’s efforts to play along with what is in essence part of the Luciferian Agenda to control humanity.

    We all see through the illusion. Project Camelot and many other key figures and whistleblowers have over the last sixty years going back to Hitler’s Germany and before, revealed the level of secrecy pervading governments, news media, and institutions, using education and religion to obfuscate the reality we know to be true.

    Behind one of the primary Trump missions is to rescue children (and other humans) who are prisoners of the Luciferians in underground bases. This is at the absolute center of the Trump Mission and as such reveals the one of the greatest secrets being kept from humanity on Planet Earth today.

    With this in mind, I state the following:

    One: That we share this world of multiple dimensions and realities with various species of various origins some organic/carbon based, others of machine or silicon or of perhaps unknown origin. That in our time/space continuum we are gradually merging with Sagittarius and the Andromeda Galaxy and have been and continue to be invaded by various species some of whom don’t have our best interests at heart and in fact use us as prey, slaves and a food source.

    Two: that since being invaded and genetically re-engineered our genome now has a portion of reptilian DNA which leads those with higher concentrations of those genes to prey upon the other half. This includes using our children and other humans as slaves, sexually and as a food source, acting in the role of a parasite feeding on a host.

    Three: that a portion of the self-selected members of this “infected” class that prey upon others have ruled over humanity with the help and at the direction of the pure blood reptilians and Draco. It will eventually be revealed that Reptilians and Draco are a marauding species taken over by a negative AI with the territorial imperative to dominate, invade and inevitably conquer any carbon based life forms they choose.

    Four: that this drama has reached epidemic proportions on our Planet and we need to take back our sovereignty and stop these intruders.

    Five: Our governments, military and white hats are not able to handle this alone. They need an awake and aware populace to fight the good fight and stand up for our right for self determination and to remove this threat before it succeeds in turning this planet into a fully conquered world of reptilian-human hybrids (like the Anunnaki before them who were once fully humanoid like the Pleiadians and are now Reptilian-Humanoid, conquered and dominated by the AI that rules over the Draco.

    Six: that in order to break free and rescue the children and rehabilitate the rescued all aspects of our societies will need to be educated and made aware of the very real threat we live under. This is the Trump mission and our mission as members of that brave team.

    Seven: No longer can we afford to bow down and submit to the lies spread by the worldwide mainstream media and propaganda machines of the deep state run by the Draco-Reptilian overlords aimed at keeping humans, doped up on fake food, degraded water and environmental elements aimed at further oppressing and controlling the masses. That includes a Jesuit-Vatican run educational and religious system ruled by Reptilian overlords.

    This is a brave new world and it is time to awaken the masses to the real truth so that we can become stronger while we strive to save our Planet and our brothers and sisters from becoming finally conquered and subservient to the Borg/AI.

    No more lies about who we are, our divine heritage as keepers of the flame of the true Creator-God that rules over both the light and the dark and all things big and small in this multiverse.

    Our valiant alternative citizen journalists, explorers and freedom fighters have been steadily revealing the real truths about healing, higher consciousness, activation of kundalini energy, natural super powers embedded in our genome and our true birthright now for over 80 years.

    Abilities are hidden in our bodies to conquer death and take control over the transition out of the 3D/4D matrix, time travel and multi-dimensional aspects of our realities and much much more.

    It is imperative for example, that we stop the release of AI-generated bioweapons aimed at destroying our natural immunity to disease and the lie behind germ theory. We are at war with the Illuminati who are working with Communist China and other dark players in support of this Luciferian agenda aimed at conquering Earth and her people.

    This is what I am talking about when I say that the people must NOT BE KEPT IN THE DARK ANY LONGER. We see the light and the true source of our divinity and we claim our right to defend our sacred ground.

    We are not pawns in this great game. We are not passive observers or obedient compliant slaves eating popcorn while our Planet burns and our precious children continue to be taken over and stolen from us.

    If Trump and the military want to lead us out of this morass of inequity they must acknowledge our power and our right to stand side by side with them in this struggle to free each other and our world from the bonds of slavery. We have every right to join the fight for liberty against all invaders foreign and domestic, on sea, land and water,,underground and undersea, on and off this Planet, in inner Earth and other dimensions.

    Whether it is admitted or not many of us have come to the Earth at this critical time with this mission. This fight is our fight. And the first step is acknowledging the real truth behind the takeover and reason why our children have become victims in this deadly game. Continued secrecy on this only serves the Luciferian Agenda and puts our children and consequently our future in grave danger.

    “It will be a very sad day if all we have, out of this current turmoil, is a bunch of sheep bleating and looking around for the new shepherd or master, who’s going to lead us out of this. If that’s what we do, then we have failed and we’re doomed. We must each grow up, rise to the occasion, and become leaders ourselves; each ready to take a position at the helm. It’s the only way we survive.

    But if people remain ignorant, looking for somebody to lead us out of the next tragedy, someone to be our leader and make all the decisions for us and protect us, then you’re an absolute f-ing a-hole and an idiot. And if you are promoting that, you’re not helping. Nobody’s promoting someone coming in to be the next savior for America. That’s b.s.

    The people of America are the savior of America.”–Juan O Savin, “Kid by the Side of the Road” (Page 25).

    February 15, 2021
    RELATED LINKS: JUAN O SAVIN back in 2016…identified as “W” and called an “intelligence insider”.

  • The US is doing the same.
    Check out the Enhanced Warfighters – Risks, Ethics and Policy Report put out in 2013

    We will see no changes to our benefit until we all wake up and realize they are operating the New World Order today and have been for decades. We should have no different fear of China as we do our own govt.

    The phony fear of China can be seen as orwells we are at war with Eurasia . Its all phony. Thats why Fauci collaborated with the Wuhan lab on this virus or whatever it is.

    • Agreed.

      The New World Order is shifting its capital to China and it wants to impose the China Model of repressive Communism on America and the world and this has already begun in the form of online censorship and the bogus global flu d’état.

    • Wuhan virus had obvious DNA markers as it targeted dark skinned people at first by attacking Iran, Italy and US border zones, along with hard hit S America.

      I agree that it was globalist sponsored rather than solo China.

  • Mao tse-tung was asked who are the individuals that have most influenced your thoughts he didn’t hesitate.
    Mao replied, “Karl Marx and Ernst Haeckel.”
    None of this surprises me at all.

  • When you have no ethics, you have no restraints.
    You are not human.
    Socialist Nazi Germany / CCP China.
    Win, at any cost.
    People are just statistics, and are disposable!
    Especially when you have 3 billion to play with..

  • China has a “Military-Civilian Integration” program, which is to blur the line between the civilivan and military world. It has been in practice for a long time in China’s education system. The idea is to turn every Chinese citizen to be a “soldier” for their global Unrestricted Warfare.


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