This is the most thorough compilation of geoengineering equipment images, most of which I’ve never seen before. From the profusion of tank- and nozzle styles, chemtrails appears to be a booming business with lots of healthy competition. One wonders how such a lively industry has so successfully evaded public discussion.

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    • Throughout U.S. History the bad guy ALWAYS wins. Dr. King was assassinated and the negroes are still being abused. The President of the Maldives fought long and hard to reach the UN and obtain a vote to reduce global warming. Global warming has only increased. People know the truth about 9/11…nobody has been convicted. The list goes on. The world belongs to Satan. He will always win. Our only answer is for every individual to boycott everything evil: Hollywood, Sony, The Yum Corporation, Wal Mart, Palm Oil, etc. WE are the problem. We are promoting the evils of the world with our convienece driven lifestyles. How can we point the finger while we visit Starbucks every day? STOP THE DAMN SPENDING and the evils of the world will fall.

  • We’ve known about the spraying for over a decade. It’s now recently somehow become mainstream knowledge, backed up with countless photographic evidence.

    We all owe sincerest apologies to the brave who spoke out against chemtrails so long ago and were, as designed, vilified. They were “conspiracy theorists” which we now know is a truth-teller’s badge.

    We’re also learning more and more about what these chemicals are doing to us and our environment.

    What still isn’t being discussed is the purpose of the spraying under the guise of “global warming control”. Several theories have been offered but few being taken seriously.

    I’d suggest “Wise up people!” But really, isn’t it too late?

    • Wake up Joe. It’s real.

      Go read about agenda 21 UN mandate. Also look up geoengineering. Time to wake up, look up and smell the coffee.

  • The people, who fund, plan and execute this stuff are self inflicting onto themselves what they are doing to us if they live on the USA continent. So why.

  • A Rose By Any Other Name.

    Way, way back in 2008, Sir Richard Branson, Defender of the Realm, Knight of The Deep State, while being interviewed by TIME Magazine used two of his many skills upon which his Knighthood was granted…. a disarming smile and scientific double speak.

    “I think it’s because I’m the owner of an airline, and I’m running a dirty business, that I’ve decided to do something about it.”….”pledge 100 Percent of the profits….which will amount to about $3-Billion dollars over the next several years … to develop a clean fuel”


    “I will dump this airline in a heartbeat if the Deep State doesn’t make it profitable for me. It’s been made clear to me by the powers that be, my fleet will be the first to adopt commercial airline, aircraft engine exhaust modifications for the global expansion of Chemtrails now expropriated by Deep State powers under the guise of Clean Air. Virgin will be the first airline to implement Chemtrailing through formulated chemical precipitants sprayed into the hot jet exhaust creating long lasting clouds we will call contrails to hide what we are really doing.”


    Does any of the Chemtrail spray components being used get into our water supplies or food products or have adverse health effects?


    It’s too dangerous to undertake such inquiries. We want to keep our jobs, grow our food, do our “science” in peace and not confront the powers of the Deep State.

    Instead let’s make any candidate that runs for public office seem like a heretic if they pursue such inquiries. That way we are safe. Right?


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