by Harold Saive
August 25, 2012

At the Conciousness Beyond Chemtrail conference, Bruce Douglas revealed a new method of aerosol deployment he calls “chembombs” – that appear as wispy, cotton candy cirrus clouds. Satellite images and ground observations suggest the “Chembombs” appears to be replacing the more familiar persistent jet trails that observers have been calling “chemtrails” for nearly two decades.

High on the list of suspects for deployment of “chembombs” is the fleet of Evergreen Air B-747 tankers equipped with Evergreen’s own patented aerosol deployment system capable of spraying a wide variety of aerosols depending on the mission.

The huge 20,000 gallon system was originally promoted as a new technology for fighting wildfires even though the patent claims equal capability at releasing aerosols for the purpose of “weather modofication”.

Suspicions are growing that Evergreen’s fire-fighting promotion was a decoy to hide their primary mission of covert climate modification.

Since 2009 no Evergreen 747 supertanker has yet been deployed to contain deadly wildfires in Colorado, Northern California of any of the deadly blazes in western states.

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