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Industrial hygienist, Stephen E Petty explains how government officials are lying when they refer to the fire set to the derailed cars in East Palestine as being a “controlled burn”.

Petty is conducting his own tests of the water, soil, and air in East Palestine.

Petty says he’s been used as an expert witness and exposure expert in many large-scale class action lawsuits nationwide and he says the narrative about the “controlled burn” is a lie.

“It wasn’t a controlled burn. It was an uncontrolled burn,” Petty says, because a controlled burn implies control of the oxygen and fuel used to burn the chemicals safely.

He says, “You can go down to a place in East Liverpool, down the River and that’s where they burn hazardous waste. In a hazardous waste situation, they very carefully control the temperature and the amount of oxygen, so that they get complete combustion. It’s time, temperature and the amount of air-fuel ratio.

“There was no controlling of the amount of air that gets in there, that’s why you saw all that soot. So it’s not a controlled burn, because a controlled burn would have to be in your furnace or in your car; some system where you control the fuel – or the vinyl chloride – and the amount of oxygen. So they didn’t do that, so it’s an uncontrolled burn.”

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  • I read, or heard, don’t recall, one opinion which said that the raw material is toxic but when fired, it becomes several orders of magnitude more toxic, to say nothing about the air, water and soil toxicities spread for hundreds of miles around via the precipitate.

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