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In this breakthrough Part 2 episode, Dark Journalist welcomes back Former HUD Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts who has spent two decades tracking missing money from government agencies including HUD and the Department of Defense.

Her incredible analysis of where the money is disappearing to, including an ever-growing Black Budget shows us that 2020 is a major showdown year ahead.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • Missing Trillion
  • Impeachment
  • Black Budget
  • Secret System of Finance
  • Space Force
  • UFO Secrecy
  • FASB 56

Catherine Austin Fitts: The political problem that Pelosi and the Democrats have is they went into the woods to shoot the bear they wounded the bear but they didn’t kill the bear, right and so now the message is, “you can’t even get the job done…”

Clinton commanded incredible resources to lose an election, the Democrats commanded incredible resources to play the Russia card and they did tremendous damage, globally. We have done tremendous damage…the damage that the Shriek-o-Meter has done to our brand, globally you know…

Daniel Liszt: So, is it possible that, in this whole process, aside from just hobbling the Trump Administration, that they were looking for something else?

Catherine Austin Fitts: Well, here’s what you have had: you’ve had a distraction. So, if you look at what the Deep State is doing to re-engineer the Federal Government, to a certain extent, the Trump Administration and the Congress are irrelevant, because unfortunately, here’s where we are with FASB 56 (Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board Statement 56): Congress says has abdicated their responsibilities and the power of the purse. So, Congress no longer controls the purse.

I just did a great interview with Amy Benjamin on international treaties. We know that Congress is basically, in some cases abdicated their their power on international treaties and we know, if you look at what’s happening with the military globally, they’ve abdicated their power, in terms of deciding when and we do and do not go to war.

So, what is it Congress does? Apparently, Congress entertains. That’s the danger here. And that’s not good. We…would like a Congress that’s really an intimate part of governing the country but you know whether it’s war, the purse or international treaties, if they’re not asserting their responsibility in that vein, you’ve got a real problem.

That’s one of the reasons I like Rand Paul so much, because on all these issues, he’s insisted on congressional role and authority in those matters…

If you look at what the Deep State is up to; the re-engineering of the government, now with FASB 56, the JEDI contract.

First, you had the intelligence agencies go to into Amazon, you got FASB 56 done, now you have the JEDI contract – I don’t know if you saw my tweet – I tweeted to to Trump, I said, “If you sign this contract or you go through the impeachment process you give Yates a head shot at you, so don’t do it. Do not do that. That’s a big mistake I’ve seen politicians make before.

But anyway, so with Amazon and Microsoft controlling the Cloud and FASB 56 in place, you have operationally and financially, complete control of the government by the corporate infrastructure…

One, they’re trying to cut the bureaucracy, in terms of power significantly but then, disperse it around the country, which it makes sense for many reasons but I think after the election, you’re going to see an acceleration of privatization which is going to make your head spin.

Daniel Liszt: Amazon went in and bought Whole Foods; it became a major player in the food market, which they’re the first of their kind, they were setting a trend there and they are now introducing robotics. They have, in 2020, rolling out cashier-less versions of Whole Foods. So, where’s that headed? That’s the control factor of the robotics, the robot takeover aspect of it?

Catherine Austin Fitts: If you look at the number of Amazon customers who were in within 10 miles of a Whole Foods, it gave them a distribution point to almost everybody in America. So, it gave them a physical presence.

The physical presence that see, if you drive around as much as I do. You have these big distribution centers coming up, with Amazon all over the country. It’s one of the reasons I think Amazon thought that they were gonna win the JEDI contract, because if you want to re-engineer the federal government you’ve got a distribution center and a store within drone distance of everybody, just about – especially if you keep moving people out of the rural areas.

So, I think most people don’t understand, 50% or more of the income in any place in America is coming through the Federal Budget and the Federal Credit and if you get everything into a cloud, the ability to spin that and re-engineer it is phenomenal…

If you have the 17 intelligence agencies in the Amazon Cloud and you have DoD in the Microsoft cloud, who has access?

Welcome to the Data Beast – I call it the Data Beast.


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Alexandra Bruce

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  • You mean all the President Trump’s outfits cooked up another scam bigger than 2008
    recessions? Vote for Trump for sure.

  • Any country that has 50% of their wealth already coming from government created activities is already socialist, with quite a history of it in fact.

    Don’t worry about the progressives, they have much in common with we deplorables, except they still haven’t learned the final lesson of government yet. They will be taught soon enough and our ranks will swell.

    Meanwhile, we should all form a voting block either way to shout doen the MIT war crowd.

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