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    This is Fitts’ sixth appearance on Dark Journalist, in what the interviewer says, “Will be remembered as the most amazing, insightful, gripping, stunning and controversial Dark Journalist episode on record, [Fitts] reveals that her deep research has shown that America is now at a major crossroads and has two choices for the country that we will become by the year 2020: Creative Freedom or Mechanized Tyranny, there is no third way.”

    For its part, the non-partisan military contracting site, projects a very grim 2025 for the US, with a population decline from today’s 318,890,000 down to 64, 879,100 (!) and the GDP ranking slipping from #1 to #13. Deagel’s explanation for this is the imminent collapse of the Western Financial System and a mass-migration of Americans to south-of-the border. Similar conditions are forecasted for Western Europe. We are, indeed living in “interesting times.”

    Fitts exposes the globalist group, which has covertly infiltrated the power nodes of our society in corporations, governments and NGOs. Her nickname for this group is “Mr. Global”.

    Fitts witnessed their criminal actions close-up, when she worked under George HW Bush as the Assistant Secretary at HUD. She’d previously seen their influence as a Managing Partner at the now-defunct but then-powerful Wall St. Firm, Dillon Read & Co., which switched hands numerous times in the wake of the mini ’91 crash (triggered by the 1st Gulf War and by the Fed raising interest rates, which could have been repeated last week, had Janet Yellin done the same).

    Fitts has profound insights into current geopolitical, societal and economic developments, tracing the design of “Mr. Global’s” Master Plan.

    The Plan is disturbing to say the least: automation, AI, robotics, centralized control, domestic militarization, dragnet surveillance, GMO agriculture, the drain of the Black Budget on the US’ financial and natural resources, and the final destruction of the US middle class.

    She demonstrates the correlation between the Common Core curriculum and Obamacare, as ways to standardize education and medical care, in order to automate these, as well and to use the citizens of the US as a financial resource, like never before.

    The Common Core educational system (which has been imposed on most financially-ailing US States, in the form of Federal bribery) is the ideal way to transform American children into slavish automatons, who are socially disabled and turned into blank
    slates, all the easier to be driven by mass-brainwave-entrainment technology, via frequencies emanating from their SmartPhones; wreaking devastation among the upcoming generations of the US, by neutering their creative abilities and their capacity for mental growth and self-determination.

    Fitts and Liszt delve deeply into the untouchable subject of advanced UFO technology. Based on the required financial resources necessary to create such advanced technologies (which are witnessed everywhere but not covered in the news and thereby, not considered to be “real” by the masses), the two can only conjecture that the covert group in control of this technology is also controlling the power structure of our planet.

    The Black Budget Secret Space Program has diverted trillions dollars from the US economy (acknowledged publicly to have “gone missing” by many leaders in the Pentagon, notably by Donald Rumsfeld on September 10, 2001), to create the UFO Economy.

    The missing trillions are such that one can only guess that a massive breakaway civilization and infrastructure exists in Outer Space, but why? What is really happening to our Solar System and why has this paranoid secrecy become the way of life for the Deep State?

    The good news is that Fitts sees one last chance for the Middle Class in the US to rise up and expose the forces that have been marshaled against them and their children. She explains the dangerous stakes involved, if America fails and gives us a glimpse of
    the dystopian future world we will inhabit, unless The Game and the invisible players inside The Matrix are exposed.

    She advises us to maintain an objective, balanced attitude in taking the actions we need to take, to regain our power from our Fascist overlords and their Criminal Mainstream Media, which are inextricably linked to elements within clandestine government agencies that wish to consolidate power quickly, before the sleeping giant, that is the American people wake up, to demolish their plans for total global control.

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