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    The beautiful and the indomitable Candace Owens addressed the House Judiciary Committee yesterday and it was a showstopper!

    Myself, as a Latin-American woman who grew up in urban Chicago and whose best friends were black four decades ago, I find the race-baiting of the DNC today to be so manufactured and offensive that I will expend everything I have in me to obliterate this morally bankrupt party.

    #WalkAway #BLEXIT

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    • What is wrong with that guy on her right. Does he have an obsessive compulsive disorder . He seems very agitated and keeps rearranging hie papers. Candace was well spoken and gave an intelligent and informative delivery.

    • Thank You for speaking up. The Democrats need to stop wasting their time with all their fear mongering hateful ways. I walked away. Our president is doing a great job! God Bless Donald Trump and God Bless America!

    • God bless Candice Owens!

      She’s identified the enemy of God and all that is good today. Forced collectivism in any of it’s many manifestations is totalitarian! The first duty of government is to protect the governed from injustice as defined by the principles and precepts of the ages because the nature of man is changeless. Applications change as the externals change, but the fundamentals never change.

      The fundamentals are understood by all even though in denial. All men and women are liars. When you admit this, you are able to see truth more clearly because you realize you are not the measure of truth.

      People welcome lies that favor themselves and it is addictive. Politicians use this weakness to gain power and wealth, but every now and then someone like Candice Owens gets to speak. God bless her and her parents both.

    • Well that’s funny because others are saying that Candice Owens got owned by the committee. I guess it’s all in what you want to see. Good to see confirmation bias is alive and well. Both sides are great at keeping us divided on this crap.
      Frankly, when I see a title like “So and so got owned or So and so was annihilated or torched” I can no longer subscribe to them. A sad day for Forbidden Knowledge. Please just report facts without the hyperbole.

    • Candace Owens is a major force; a very unexpected and inspiring leader.
      Her support for President Trump is hard to understand – a man who has been convicted of racial discrimination against blacks in his real estate properties. I personally know a member of the team which uncovered the policy.
      (The faith of in the President as a savior of the world from the evil deep state also seems incomprehensible; he has demonstrated no concern for anyone but himself, and attacks the CIA only when they do things that threaten his interests. What’s more, he has filled many cabinet and regulatory positions with oligarchs and lobbyists who are the very water of the swamp he declares he wants to drain. But that’s another debate).
      I would pay a lot of money to hear Candace Owens debate Ta Nahesi Coates. I am only aware of her debate with Russell Brand, who is vastly her intellectual inferior – she mopped the floor with him.
      Much of her message is practical and truthful. She is surely right that reparations are hopeless; most of America is unwilling to admit that any serious crime was ever perpetrated against blacks, either by slavery or segregation, or by the torching and bombing of black communities, businesses, homes and churches, or by zoning and funding policies designed to deprive black communities and schools of needed support, policies that send their tax dollars to affluent white neighborhoods. In the fierce denial of all this, reparations are hopeless.
      She is also surely right that handouts are counterproductive. The poor need education and jobs.
      She is most certainly right that the best thing for blacks in America is precisely her prescription for positive action, education, and defiance of the idea that prejudice and bigotry pose any significant barriers to their advancement. In spite of the undeniable existence of such obstacles, their own triumphs must drive their way forward. Coates’ demand for reparations places the validation of American blacks in the hands of the white establishment. Whites will never be able to undo the harms that have done, or give the blacks the dignity they already have intrinsically.
      As a white man, I continue to benefit from the crimes committed against blacks- I have lived my life with prosperity that is the direct result of the unpaid labor of blacks, and of policies which favored me because I am white. I owe blacks and Native Americans for these benefits. But the repayment will have to be my own initiative.

    • Nobody seems to notice one of the last things she said.
      Supporting the building of Israel is not something to be bragging about, to those who do not support such an apartheid state of being. She declared her non-support of Nazism by waving her flag of unbridled understanding of the New World Order.
      Ya gotta watch it to the end. Most do not. They get jacked up about her calling out the tactics used by every politician since day#1. She is not “for the people” but “Pro Israel”. Her fire was self quenched by her “juice love”!

      • Huh? I’ve read your comment several times. I don’t get it. Apparently, this version has time cut off?

      • Yep, Todd, from MAGA, to MIGA…We’ve been fooled again, and the only promises that our ( another puppet ) President kept, was regarding Israel. In other words, people, just keep working hard and pay UNCONSTITUTIONAL taxes…MIC and Big Pharma, the Banks and Wall-Street needs more and more money…And don’t forget Israel: they need health care for all, and first class infrastructure, and education and research…and the WALL ( not the one our spineless Presidents bow ), but against the original inhabitants of the land…called Palestinians…Who cares about OUR infrastructure, OUR health care, OUR education/research…or OUR wall, to protect the Southern Border ?! But hey, we are the best, and free, and…JUST KEEP DREAMING, because if you/we wake up, will notice it’s what George said is…a f…ing nightmare !

    • Thanks for sharing this great video! I’m a woman that ran from the Democrats in 2016. I do feel like I ‘woke’ up! I’ll never vote Dem again and encourage everyone to ‘walkaway’! Keep up the great work ForbiddenKnowledgeTV!

      • You see, Martha, the problem is that there is NO real opposition in this Country…just Two-head-ONE PARTY ! The DEMO-(PU)PUblican pro war Party ! I came from Eastern-Europe, from a Country with ONE Party ! After almost 24 years in what used to be United States ( now United Slaves ) of America, and former ” land of the free and home of the brave ” ( now land of the fee and home of the slave ), I can assure you and any American ‘ patriot ‘ that we live in a ” MATRIX “…the so-called ‘ American Dream ” ( ‘ you have to be asleep, to believe it ‘ – George Carlin ). Same George said: ‘ if you think you have a choice, think again: YOU DON”T ! ‘…Just watch Carlin under titles like ‘ The American Dream ‘, or/and ‘ The real owners of America ‘…

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