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    NY Senator Chuck Schumer said on Wednesday that amnesty must be given to 11 million migrants residing in the US illegally because natural-born Americans are failing to reproduce adequately.

    The same people who say we need wide open borders because we have reproduction problems are also pushing unlimited abortion.

    The same people who force-vaxxinated us with the Death Shot that is causing sterility and birth defects are telling us that we need endless mass migration because we have repoductive problems…

    Speaking to this death cult that has hijacked the word, here’s the latest video by Greg Reese.


    The film, ‘Soylent Green’ was made in 1973 and was set in a dystopian world in the year 2022, where the Government is secretly feeding the people food made of people.

    And the most pleasant experience one can have is state-assisted suicide.

    While government-run media pushes the idea of cannibalism, government-assisted suicide is officially now a thing in 2022.

    Before COVID, you could always count on modern medicine to keep you alive, so long as you had the money or insurance to pay for it.

    But these days, the hospitals seem more likely to liquidate you. And in Canada, they will help you kill yourself, even if you don’t really want to die.

    According to the Canadian Government, they are getting several requests for suicide from children, who they refer to as “mature minors”.

    And they are seeking to amend the laws so that these children can be euthanized without their parents’ consent.

    There are posts on social media that suggest this might be true, which shouldn’t surprise anyone.

    The quality of life for Canadians is at an all-time low and the motive for helping Canadians kill themselves is allegedly to save the Government money.

    After 6,465 individuals committed suicide with the help of MAID, Medical Assistance in Dying, the Candian Goverment saved $86.9 million. About $13,000 per person.

    That’s what an individual’s life is worth today in Canada.

    The economists running Canada concluded that the savings from MAID are so far negligible but the suicide program should continue.

    This is the predictable outcome of Big Government, when unnecessary jobs are created and given to lazy idiots, the economists and bureaucrats inevitably sort everything out and they only see us as a resource, which turns civilization into a meat factory.

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    • 👹Demonic Agenda👿 – Doctors that are participating in this Diabolical Practice are violating their HIPPOCRATIC OATH and GOD’ s LAW – Thou shall not KILL👹🔥👿

    • What will happen has happened before because of ignorance of history and self indulgence.

      In the middle ages elite European family dynasties in league with the Papal cell in Rome, murdered people they claimed were “heretics” because they could. The Papacy had replaced God’s laws with Papal church canon laws.

      America was founded by people escaping this totalitarian system, Canadians were never so inclined. In fact they are in part, the progeny of those who fled America when Americans won the war for liberation from the old world system.

      Canada never left it!

      It’s not hard to understand, once it’s rightly defined.

      There is nothing new under the sun.

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