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This video gives better illustrations and explanations of the theory that the NorCal fires were caused by exotic laser- and/or maser-based weapons, located on high-altitude drones or orbiting platforms.

I’m fully aware that the above sentence is highly contentious and that it sounds totally crazy! I’d refrained from commenting on these claims until I finally started looking into these YouTube posts late Friday night. After looking at this footage, I’m persuaded that something anomalous has happened, to say the least.

In what some are calling the “Only forest fires where the trees didn’t burn,” this video shows clips about developments in Directed Energy Weapons alongside even more dramatic scenes than shown previously of the suspiciously uneven devastation in Santa Rosa and in nearby towns of Northern California.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Before you shoot your fat mouth off and hit your foot again why don’t you look at the evidence? How do cars melt next to trees that don’t burn? How do some trees catch fire from the inside? How does a “forest fire” burn a house and leave the house surrounded by trees in leaf? The whackos are in charge you idiot – the lunatics are running the asylum.

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  • Very interesting video and comments. I’m not a firefighter but over my life I’ve heard fire called the “animal” and the “dragon” because fire takes on a personality as if it’s alive. So I discussed the CA fire weirdness with someone who has experienced electrical fires on board ship. He told me he’s seen a fire burn so hot that it melted huge holes in inch-thick bulkheads while chairs in it’s path were smoked but untouched. He noted that once a fire begins to burn with extreme heat, such as in the CA circumstances, it will seek more of the same material to feed itself while going around softer, easily burnable goods like trees and grass that present no fuel for it’s intensity such as in the CA fire. In fact, fire will jump over these softer items seeking to maintain and increase it’s temperature (energy) at all costs. It will seek out concrete and metal which we would assume would stop the fire but instead it will burn them to ashes. Electrical lines, which were identified as the culprit in starting the CA fire, experience energy surges. When one of these spikes is massive enough that energy seeks to rebalance itself by emerging from the lines. A surge of enormous magnitude will run down the line until it finds a weakness where the insulation is worn or non-existent–poorly maintained. There it will jump off the line. If the energy spike is big enough it will continue down the line until it encounters another weakness and so on. As well, in the case of electrical lines, it all happens almost instantaneously.

    • I don’t claim to know what’s happening in Northern California but many people, including plenty of locals who have contacted me appreciate seeing views that exist out there and which will never be seen in the MSM, framed in a way that neither rebuts nor endorses them. I have had some people angrily unsubscribe from the newsletter due to the videos I shared, as well. Very polarizing.

      • Sorry to hear about those un-subscribers. I means they have not yet been reached and are still unable to push through new info (factual or theoretical) without shutting it off. The CA stuff is all speculative anyhow, no matter whether beliefs are one way or another. I was particularly interested in my source’s POV because he had actually experienced fire doing the things that have been reported in CA. (Sorry, I can’t “unsubscribe” Alex–appreciate your bravery too much. You’ll have to endure me.)

        • LOL. Here’s a comment from a subscriber in California:

          Dear Alexandra,
          Thank You so much for saying what I have been saying for days and possibly weeks now. I live in California. Our people, who actually live here, are very aware of forest and grass fires and VERY careful to NOT set any. However we are experiencing many in both North an South California that are being set by PEOPLE ! Or a person at the time of setting. WHO ?
          I pray every day authorities catch the perpetrators and SOON.
          Thank you for making my voice heard.
          C. Ray
          Fontana, California

      • Alexandra, the USA and Russia have science fiction type laser technology. It does not suprise me if it was used on the recent California fires. Thanks for the videos. I would appreciate your e-mail. Thanks, Dario


    This “seed-killing” hypothesis was recently derived from listening to Terry Brown on the Wynn Free program, BBS Radio. I’ve followed and cross checked Terry’s Elohim channeling for several years. She’s a precious gift to humanity in my opinion. This information was also sent to three responsible fire migration research scientists inside the US Department of Forestry, in hopes they may wonder enough to start researching the current Chemtrail impacts on Forestry.


    Fires now have hotter combustion characteristics in heavily Chemtrailed regions, such as Napa-Sonoma Counties. Fire fighters on the front lines are reporting this strangeness.


    Regardless of how the fires were started, the thermite cocktail mix (dominated with aluminum and lesser amounts of barium and strontium oxides) used in Chemtrails, explodes (ignites) at a much hotter temperature during the first few seconds, than clean greenery. The higher initial combustion temperature kills tree seeds and plant-life seeds.


    Pre-Chemtrail era fires or fires without thermite saturated combustion, do not kill seeds to the same extreme with 1900 degrees F – max firestorm Temp. While nature designed a fire sustainable forest system, human intervention is recklessly destroying nature’s balance in ways we haven’t considered. The marginal higher seed kill-off rate is cause by the unnatural higher temperature * of initial combustion.

    The cumulative negative effects of unacknowledged Chemtrails now woven into both (a) acknowledged military mission to control the weather by 2020 (Weather Warfare) and (b) woven into innocent piloting of civilian airlines using vented Chemtrail trailing-edge wing ports, placed near engine exhausts, to create fake contrail-clouds, have unintended consequences. The settled thermite dust on everything below, is creating large areas of forest sick zones (forests losing their immune defense systems), and now also, the added loss of viable seed stock falling upon chemically altered soil conditions.


    This combination creates a lethal trajectory for forest husbandry. If not stopped, it will be followed by increased soil erosion, loss of forest floors, and greater reflection of sun energy at lower atmospheric levels entrapping more heat in our atmosphere and adding to net atmospheric warming. The higher initial combustion temperatures caused by massive aerial spraying of thermite is a contributing factor now in all our runaway fire disasters. Elect people who fearlessly discuss Chemtrail topics in their political campaigns and promise to sanction public hearings when elected.


    Aluminum oxide in fine dust form is found to combust as low as 700 degrees Celsius = 1292 degrees Fahrenheit but once ignited, burst quickly into a super heat fire storm of 2535 – 3500 degrees Celsius, 4595 – 6232 degrees Fahrenheit melting anything and everything in its path.

    • Apparently, my source agrees with you on the content of our skies burning hotter with the advent of metals from the spraying program we’ve been under. He also threw in CA smog as an additional problem.

    • That being the case, all the trees, which certainly would be ‘dusted’ with aluminum oxide, strontium and barium would simply burst into flames; unless of course some how the chemtrails dumped all their chemicals everywhere but on the trees.

    • Here’s a feedback email from a subscriber, which I’m posting anonymously:

      Hi, I was one of the evacuees in Santa Rosa. I’m back home as of yesterday and the house is OK.

      When this all came down a week ago Sunday night, I woke up to the very strange and suspicious wind and went outside at 2 am. The mountains across from my house were burning in spots and sky above the national park behind me was totally red as was the sky over downtown Santa Rosa. I’m in Oakmont, right outside.

      So, I’m sure it was done by directed energy! How else could a wind start up several fires not even close to each other all over Santa Rosa and neighboring communities? It’s totally impossible! I’m sure HAARP is behind it all. When I check the woods at the base of the mountain, the ground and tree stems were burned but not the whole trees and they were mainly pines which should burn easily.

      Today is the first day without any fire activity…..thank goodness!

      • Here’s a feedback email I received from a volunteer fireman in Australia:

        Howdy there Alex I have been following your posts about the fires. There seems to be no explanation for the utter devastation of individual houses which it appears were not destroyed by brush fire. There does not seem to be any surrounding combustible material to feed these fires. Could these mysterious fires be a warning demonstration for Kim Jung Un?

        Trump has warned the madman of fire and brimstone if he doesn’t toe the line.

        I have been a volunteer firefighter for 40 years in both urban and rural situations. In Australia, particularly in the Far North of Queensland rural fire brigades during winter and autumn light vast areas of grassland and native eucalyptus forest every year as a hazard reduction burn to reduce the fuel load to prevent damaging wild fires in the hotter months of October – January.

        Supporting the nonsense of high CO2 levels via the Paris Accord and other treaties the federal government actually pays landowners to burn their vast paddocks in the cooler months and the rate is calculated on how many tonnes of vegetation is burnt. If there are hot fires in the warmer months the landowners are penalised for having hot fires which usually are more beneficial to grazing land.

        Australian pastures are bedevilled by vegetation ‘thickening’ which is regrowth of trees growing originally in previously cleared grazing or cultivation paddocks(fields). Pre European settlement Aborigines used ‘firestick farming’ to burn areas of bushland to engender fresh grass growth which attracts marsupials such as macropod kangaroos for a staple food source. At the same time the thickening regrowth was kept under control by fire.

        With the advent of cattle and sheep grazing in the 1800’s firestick farming started to disappear. Early explorer Captain James Cook in his journal and that of botanist Sir Joseph banks, described the east coast of Australia as “open and park-like…..”

        These historical records and other contemporary accounts from explorers describe the entire continent as open plains and hills interspersed with thin stands of native forests. This includes Tasmania.

        After 200 years of continuous bovine grazing and a lack of regular burning the country now has much more vegetation than was evident when Cook first saw it in 1770.

        Burning Trees in the Videos

        Your readers should not place to much emphasis on trees burning from within. This is a natural occurrence in forest fires or on open savannah. Many Australian trees due to droughts or white ants (termites) have a ‘pipe’ in the centre of the tree. Large, old trees almost always have pipes which can be up to two thirds of the internal diameter of the tree. The forestry department calls trees with these pipes as ‘habitat trees’ in which live native animals such as possums and birds.

        These hollow trees also act as chimneys if a fire starts in the hollow. Embers from burning grass, bark or other forest floor litter can enter from the base or the top of a tree during a forest fire and the interior burns vigorously and very hot as the wood combusts and the pipe acts as a chimney as depicted in your photo.

        At fires which I have either started as a hazard reduction burn or fought as wild fires, our brigade members often see hollow trees burning from within. In fact if they are near a road way or fire break we wait until they burn down completely or cut them down with a chainsaw because they can fall across a break and start an unwanted fire on unburnt ground.

        I hope this will help with your investigation.

        Rural Firefighter

  • Only one thing I’m sure of, our tax dollars paid for this experiment, and there is only one way to stop them from continuing and it will take the whole of this world to stop it. But, that’s a lot of coordination, and sheeple will do what the powers that be tell them to do, like, “walk off that cliff”. Next we will have more experiments in New York City and those towers they have been putting up, cost, 100 million tax dollars, what they do? No answer on that yet. Remember what those Georgia guide stones say, keep the population under 500 million. So, my belief is that we are going to see a lot more of these experiments, on us, all of us.

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