Everyone knows that the Bush faction of the Republican Party hates Donald Trump and they’ll do anything to stop him. Anything. That’s why it’s time to revisit what happened 35 years ago, when the senior George Bush almost became president by accident. Yes, we’re talking about the Reagan assassination attempt in 1981.

Could it be that way back then, Vice President George HW Bush tried to kill Reagan so he could be President? Did he want to be President that badly? At the time, lots of people suspected foul play, because Bush hated Reagan prior to the convention. They were bitter enemies during the campaign, just like Trump and Jeb Bush have been.

There are many similarities today. That’s why, in light of all the evidence that has emerged in the last 35 years, it’s time to take a fresh look at the Reagan assassination attempt – because as you will see here, one thing is almost certain: the official story is a crock.

So, let’s begin. Since it’s been 35 years, let me recap what happened. A crazed lone gunman named John Hinckley, Jr. shot President Reagan and wounded three others outside the Washington Hilton Hotel, just 70 days after he took office. Reagan almost died that day. He was in serious danger. Experts say it was truly a miracle that he survived.

At 70 years of age, he almost died of shock. His daughter, Patti Davis says, “I was afraid that he would die and that he would die without me knowing who my father really was. I knew how close to death he was. Once I got to Washington, the country didn’t know until years later.”

And Nancy Reagan added, “He was so white. I had never seen anybody so white.”

Another testimony comes from Robin Ringler, a nurse at George Washington University Hospital, who took care of Reagan. She says, “By the time my shift ended that first night, I truly wondered if I would ever see him again. He was on the verge of dying.”

Today, most Americans don’t give a single thought to the Reagan assassination attempt. They accept the official story at face value. But when you look at the videos and photos and examine the testimonies of people on the scene, a question emerges: “Did Ronald Reagan get shot by John Hinckley Jr. – or somebody else?”

Please take a few minutes to watch this short video and consider the points we make. Again, we only use the actual video footage, still photography and the testimonies from people on the scene. This is not a kooky conspiracy theory. Once we present the evidence to you, please ask yourself: “Does the official story pass your smell test?”

If it doesn’t, then perhaps the only other logical conclusion really is Bush tried to kill Reagan.

Let’s take a look.

Point number one: who was Tim McCarthy looking at when he got shot? In the famous video tapes from the three news cameras on the scene, we see everybody react as soon as the shooting starts. But look carefully, as we play this in slow motion. This is Secret Service agent, Tim McCarthy, a 6’4″, 250-pound, well-trained man. His job was to be a human shield for the President, which he performed perfectly.

But look closely at his face, especially his eyes. In an interview, he reveals that he never actually saw Hinckley:

Tim McCarthy: We were just several feet from the armored car and the President was walking with members of his staff and John Hinckley pushed himself forward and actually fired six rounds, at about 1.3 or 1.4 seconds.

Larry King: Did you see Hinckley?

McCarthy: No, I didn’t. I went I was testified before the Grand Jury on that, in that matter and I did not ever see John Hinckley. I ultimately knew where the gunshots were coming from and thought I saw some of the smoke generated by the pistol but I really never saw where John Hinckley actually pulled the trigger.

So, who was he looking at? Who did he square up to? Who did he get shot by? Remember, the official story is that he gets shot by Hinckley but the video tells a different story.

First of all, the angles are all wrong. McCarthy is looking at someone straight in front of him, as he squares up to the threat but Hinckley is over here. Plus – and this is the big clue – McCarthy’s eyes tell a much different story. Watch him again, in slow motion. He was looking at a serious threat. It appears he was looking right at whoever shot him.

Now, let’s look at Reagan’s eyes, and this Pulitzer prize-winning photograph. It shows a look of shock, horror, surprise, fear and anger flash across President Reagan’s face, as soon as the shooting starts. Please note, at this point, Reagan hasn’t been hit by anything, yet. That allegedly comes later.

So, who was he looking at? When we examine all the photos and look at everybody else’s faces, we see that a lot of other guys are looking in the same direction as President Reagan. And Reagan was looking in the same direction as Tim McCarthy. This is troubling.

So, who were they all looking at? This is key. Now, check this out.

Roughly in the spot where everyone was looking we find this guy: Hmm, a cop in uniform, looking directly at the camera, just a split second after the shots were fired and it looks like he might be reholstering his weapon. He’s certainly not behaving like a cop is he? He’s not helping, at all with the scuffle right next to him. In fact, in all of these photos, he keeps looking at the camera.

Check these out: Guilty people look around to see if they were caught on camera and after this he just disappears. We don’t know anything about him – but in the video, we see how the late Michael Deaver appears to walk right between Tim McCarthy and where this cop was standing. It seems Deaver almost got his head blown off. No wonder we see Deaver and another guy crouching behind the limo in shock. And what are they doing? They’re staring at the camera, not the action.

And here, we see a young man staring at the cop with his mouth open, as if he’s thinking, “What did I just see?” By this time, Reagan gets shoved into the limo by a Secret Service agent, the late Jerry Parr – and this is where the story takes a lot of bizarre turns.

In fact, there’s too much to cover in this video, that’s why I’ve written a book on the subject, where I reveal who really shot Reagan. My book exposes the Reagan assassination attempt and coverup in a way that tears the official story to shreds. You’ll discover shocking new information and reach conclusions that no one has ever considered before.

Most of all, you’ll learn why this “ancient history” event from 35 years ago is very relevant today, with Donald Trump in danger of being bushwhacked at the Republican convention. The American people need to know the truth.

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  • Scary. Such a humble man, G.H.W.Bush! Is all this just a scam to sell books? I am trying to weigh both sides, I however, loved Ronnie Reagan. I also am disappointed and sad, if indeed, so kind and humble a man as J.W.H. Bush could attempt such a cold-blooded attempt, and poor Jim Brady, suffered his whole life. So cruel an event.
    YOU may have an angle that make a monster of what I thought was a saintly man. Hmmm, I actually hope all this is fake. But, I guess in this world, of such deception, and political ruthlessness, I only hope George H.W.Bush, upon leaving this world , goes to the same place as Ronnie. If not, well, he won’t have oil refineries, but he’ll be frying in it.
    God only knows, but you make me wonder!

  • That’s a pretty good tease for his book.
    Roger Stone has said in his book about the Bush crime family that there was a second shooter. A guy on the balcony, as I recall.
    Either way – a guy from above or that suspicious cop – Bush was responsible.
    Stone also said that Nancy knew it, too. She never wanted to be anywhere near the Bush’s again. He also alleged she was afraid for her life because they knew that she knew. Apparently, it prompted her to carry a .25 pistol concealed. With the blessing of the Secret Service, who, (again, allegedly) taught her how to carry and shoot the pistol.

  • Regardless of who fired at Reagan it was not George H. Bush who was also believed to be in the vicinity when JFK was assassinated. George would hired someone to kill Reagan if he wanted him dead or the establishment would have provided a killer just like they did to kill JFK. Neither Bush really did anything of consequence for America. George H. Bush always had that aw shucks kind of personality that hid his real desires. George W. Bush was a slick little rascal who maintained a low profile in public but behind he the scenes he was a cocky jerk. Thank god globalist Jeb Bush never got the nomination.

    • How can you say neither Bush had any consequence? Bush, Sr started the Iraq conflict which (supposedly) motivated Bin Laden to attack America. Plus, he undid all the positive work that Reagan had done to decrease government burden. Bush, Jr started 2 wars – at the same time! – in unwinnable quagmires of countries. After campaigning as a small government conservative, Jr also passed several laws that massively increased government control, overreach, deficit and surveillance. Outside the obvious Patriot Act and surveillance increase, Common Core is a textbook case of chopping off the tops of all the trees to make all students equal. Medicare part D caused massive deficit growth.
      I used to think he was mostly incompetent, but the more I know, the more I see that he knew exactly what he was doing.

  • To ADD to this comment…The Bush’s ARE really NAZIS straight from Germany (Real name Scherph I think)…May have been part of the folks involved with the “Operation Paper Clip” fiasco after WW2 ended.
    This is when the USA ACTUALLY Lost to Germany…and to THIS day are Stealthly ruling this country!
    All this Trump mania reminds me of WHAT happen to set up Adolf Hitler before WW2 started.
    Tie them together with the Zionist (Fake Jews) and the Vatican and WALLA…THE NEW WORLD ORDER!

  • This is Old News to the informed and well researched…Regan was never really in charge after he was “Selected”…Bush WAS in control via “Stealth”…They really wanted a RottenFeller who was the vice president to take over Regan’s place.
    Remember Regan was an actor from Hollywood.
    The Bush’s are STILL very much a place for control of what’s going on NOW.
    Of course this “Trump in Danger” BS is all part of the GOVERNMENT Scam still trying to stay alive, because when the so-called elite’s want people dead…THEIR DEAD.

  • Karen Hudes believes that they didn’t take Reagan straight to hospital. They drove him around the city until he agreed to their dastardly plans.

  • Russ Baker’s book, “Family of Secrets” gives a great backdrop to the research done on this issue. He’s a fine researcher but does tend to get zealous on the anti-Bush front to the point of distraction.

    But then again, when one considers the assassination issue with GHW Bush, we find the following things are in fact true:

    * He asked Chip Tatum, CIA whistleblower, to kill Ross Perot

    * He lied about whether he was in Dallas, TX the day that JFK got killed. And photographic evidence has since turned up putting him front and center on location at a time when he supposedly did not work for the CIA, despite a memo from J Edgar suggesting that he indeed did work for the CIA in 1963. Lastly, Bush’s story on this has “evolved” creatively over the years. Russ writes at whowhatwhy dot com if anyone wishing to source this.

    * Looks like the Bush family was indeed involved in the Reagan plot. Other vids and text have indeed been researched and written about this subject, despite this author’s claim to the contrary.

    When one looks at the entirety of who Bush is/was, his contributions to American society and his legacy, its easy to see why Russ Baker has gotten so vile towards him. The man was a globalist who, in many ways, ruined the United States of America.

      • Hi. I’m the guy who produced that video “trailer” in 2016. It came out before Trump got the GOP nomination and chose Pence. My concern was that he’d be forced to choose Jeb Bush and then get shot like Reagan.
        These days, I’m still concerned for Trump’s safety, since he’s KILLING the NWO types on a daily basis. They will have no choice, it seems. I hope I’m wrong!
        Spoiler Alert: Jerry Parr shot Reagan in the limo.

        • Rockefeller and Rothschild set up Trump in the Casino industry.

          The entire drama regarding Trump the outsider is so much fodder from the left and from the right. It’s a great dance, the two step.

          Meanwhile, the cabal keeps dividing us into smaller and smaller corrals while feeding us cheap feed and some hay.

          The dems go socialist into a smaller corral; neo libs look around and wonder where everyone went into their smaller corral, just like the never Trump GOP and the Indie GOP.

          So now that we’re in smaller corrals, we’re easier to track. To watch, to correct, to attack. And attack they are.

          Trump is a police state, surveillance society statist who knows business, so everyone else that likes business will just shut up and go along for the ride unless or until a FISA warrant gets written on them. And that’s what’s so hypocritical about Trump.

          Get’s killed? That would be his own doing. Point being: he doesn’t have any real friends…

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