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    “If the American people find out what we have done, they will chase us down the street and lynch us.” – G.H.W Bush June 1992 to Sarah McClendon (White House Press Corps).

    I’m posting today’s documentary as an exercise in gratitude. If we think the current political landscape is insufferable, we may remind ourselves that not long ago it was much, much worse, when the Bush junta (which includes the Clintons) occupied the corridors of power.

    Filmmaker Jay Myers does a fine job of reminding us of what a pox on the planet that are the Bushes. He makes much out of their multi-generational involvement with the Yale University secret society Skull & Bones, a group which has been jokingly referred to as the “cyber catnip for conspiracy theorists.”

    The equation of Skull & Bones with white male privilege is so strong that few know that they began inducting people of color in 1965 and women in 1991. We may be surprised to learn that a main focus of the 322 Order today is to induct LGBT members. According to a 2013 article in The Atlantic, “…the Bones crypt has transformed into a forum where women and racial and sexual minorities express their struggles (scenes that may have Bonesman William F. Buckley Jr. turning over in his grave). Hispanic members have explained they’ve felt like second-class citizens; Arabs have revealed incidents of Islamophobia; women have confessed to bouts of bulimia; and gay students have affirmed how hurtful epithets like ‘fag’ can be, Bonesmen report.”

    I think it’s important to note the above because if we want to understand the mechanisms of elite control today, based on what is celebrated and sought-after in the halls of the most notorious secret society in the Ivy League, we may see that techniques of oppression have shifted from outmoded Patriarchal Aryanism into incoherent Social Justice war.

    But I digress. The video then launches into an exploration of the urban legend that Barbara Bush was the spawn of Sex Magick mage, Aleister Crowley aka “The Wickedest Man Alive”. I always thought this allegation to be patently absurd but this mashup includes a sequence from the 2007 British Crowley film, In Search of the Great Beast and I’m now convinced of the likelihood that Dubya was Crowley’s grandson.

    Not having read Dubya’s 2010 autobiography, Decision Points, I’d previously missed his personal account of how mother Barbara saved her miscarried fetus in a jar and showed it to him.

    This is all fun but when taken together along with pervasive allegations by Cathy O’Brien, Paul Bonacci and others of George Bush Senior’s pedophilia and child torture that led to a $1 million payday for Bonacci in Federal Court, it begins to form a very dark pattern.

    This is to say nothing about how Dubya gleefully oversaw 9/11 and led the US into the illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, with the former now in its 17th year as the longest in US history and with the war in Iraq murdering an estimated 1 million Iraqis. Bestselling author and Los Angeles County Prosecutor, Vincent Bugliosi, who lost only one of 106 cases that he ever tried made a legal argument for Dubya’s guilt in the murder of some 4,000 US service men and women during the Iraq War in a book that was uniquely ignored by the mainstream media, The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder. (US law doesn’t have jurisdiction to represent the murdered Iraqis).

    Finally last week, the National Archives released another trove of documents relating to the JFK assassination. Everyone who was alive at the time remembers where they were – except for George Herbert Walker Bush, who many have accused of being involved. We may not have to wait long to know the details, as I’ve been told that the final documents detailing the identities of JFK’s assassins will be released as soon as George Bush Senior meets his master.

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    • The accusations against the Bush family are nothing new and they’ll get their just deserts at some point.

      The glaring problem here is the undue praise for Vincent Bugliosi. I, too, at one time thought he was some kind of “legal wizard.” Not so. For one, he sided with the phony Warren Commission and wrote a book “Reclaiming History,” which sought to prove Oswald was the lone assassin of JFK. I haven’t read the book, but on Coast-To-Coast Sunday night a James DeEugenio took Bugliosi to task and exposed some of the flaws in Bugliosi’s book.

      Also, DeEugenio attacked Bugliosio’s “Helter Skelter” book on the Manson case and Trial. Another flawed tome by Bugliosi. Something about that whole Manson trial was fakeroo. For one, Manson got assigned some very incompetent attorneys. And the murders were never really fully solved. DiEugenio contends, with evidence, that the real motives for the murders were covered up by the LAPD and Bugliosi, which were drugs and the music industry. Not that nonsense about Manson trying to start a race war.

      I’m wondering if Buglisosi’s book on the Bushes is also deeply legally flawed and that’s why it didn’t receive much attention.

      Alexandra, you may want to contact this James DiEugenio for a future interview. His website is: He’s on Black Op radio and has books out, etc.

    • Very creepy and evil things. A sinister force that is multi-generational and very powerful in this family. Thanks for getting the word out.

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