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    All Alex Jones and InfoWars have been taken down from YouTube and he was mass-de-platformed in a Fascistic multi-lateral Blitz in over a dozen social media sites on August 8, 2018.

    Pending these videos’ reinstatement on another platform, I’m using this classic Tom Jobim music as filler, avoid web-crawling problems…



    In this excellent InfoWars report, David Knight, on location at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada talks to a two different Utah County Commissioners, who came to observe these events, out of concern about what this situation bodes for their counties and those neighboring Western US States, where grazing rights have been turned into “permits,” by Washington, DC politicians, who’ve never set foot in these places and how these laws were passed without the local voters’ involvement.

    They discuss their concerns about the uncalled-for, excessive, abusive overreach in the Federal crackdown at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada and what this action portends for the rest of America.

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