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    Brien Foerster joins LA Marzulli’s Prophecy and the Supernatural Report. As some may already know, Foerster is the co-author of the book,  ‘Lost Ancient Technology of Peru and Bolivia’, as well as a curator at the Paracas History Museum in Paracas Peru, a city to the south of that country’s capital of Lima. The museum has dozens of well-preserved skulls, which are super elongated, have a 25% larger brain capacity and 60% higher bone density than that of Homo sapiens sapiens, as well as possessing just one parietal plate, instead of the two present in human skulls. These red-haired skulls have had their DNA partially analyzed and so far, the mitochondrial DNA shows many mutations not present in any life form on Earth. Similar skulls have been found all over the world, including in Russia, Malta, France and at the site of Stonehenge in Britain. There is a high correspondence between megalithic sites and the nearby presence of elongated skulls. The oral history of the people of Easter Island, 600 miles off the Pacific coast of Peru is that their ancestors were tall redheads with elongated skulls. Some of the “Moai” or statues still retain large red hewn stones on their heads, which are said to represent their red hair.

    No “serious” paleontologist has taken on the study of these skulls, so Foerster has taken this task upon himself, raising the large sums of money on his own needed to perform DNA analyses of several different skulls, including their hair and teeth.

    Foerster also gives tours in the Cuzco area of Peru, which was once the capital of the Inca Empire and where the architecture is fascinating because the lower levels are made from basalt polygonal megaliths, followed by Inca-era adobe, and topped with Spanish Colonial construction.

    The basalt layer is always referred to as the “Inca” level but this does not seem possible, as they had Bronze age technology (at best) and that basalt is much harder than bronze. Moreover, these curved, megalithic stones, weighing sometimes 40 tons are held together without any mortar and with virtually no microns of space between them and even modern stone masons say that the complexity of the work is beyond what they can do today.

    I’ve seen these walls myself and they are a complete jaw-dropping mystery. Flying over the Andes in Peru, you see dozens of Macchu Picchus covered with snow at elevations of 20,000+ feet, which are virtually impossible to excavate unless a whole archeological crew, prepared to make camp in Arctic temperatures and at a very high altitude were to capable of rappelling out of a super robust helicopter with all of their equipment.

    Foerster expresses his opinion that archeologists need to be more interdisciplinary before propounding their conclusions that these megalithic constructions are of Inca origin. He’s quite certain that the megaliths of Peru and Bolivia were constructed by a much more ancient and technologically sophisticated civilization than the one from 1,000-500 years ago.

    The local oral traditions among the indigenous people of Peru includes stories of a previous race of man that was much taller and which was destroyed by God for being so “stupid”. This has similarities with Maya and Hopi mythologies and of course with Biblical descriptions of antediluvians giants.

    All of this does point to a previous epoch of humankind. When I think of Atlantis, I think more about an era than an actual place because there are many indications that whatever preceded this round of civilization was global in nature, anyway.

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    • Fantastic show. Having been a Machinist for 35 years, pockets like shown at 19:35 of the show can not be done by ordinary cutting tools because most cutters are round and rotate and you cant cut a square corner like that with a round tool. There are some machines which use a reciprocating motion which you might be able to do that with. But there is one machining practice which does those kind of shapes routinely. its called EDM or Electro Discharge Machining where they machine a cutting tool out of soft carbon or graphite. The tool is machined like the male of the resulting cavity and using an electrical discharge (very very simply put) burns that shape into the metal. Please understand that it actually is not a burning. The charge forced through the graphite block kind of causes the atoms of the material that is being machined to dis-associate from one another and fall away as dust leaving very smooth surfaces. The resulting cavity is the negative of the shape you machined. For the cavity shown in the clip, you would just machine a square block out of graphite the size you want the resulting cavity to be. Set it up and an hour or two later…Voila. I’m not saying that any civilization of the present history was capable of that but I do believe that there has been many historical periods in the 4 billion year history of this planet. Some of these periods may have had civilizations whose technology took a different direction than ours and they may have been wiped out or may have gotten to the point where they decided to leave this planet for another which they had found that was more to their liking. Hey,,, who knows. Maybe they moved from planet to planet like we move from city to city.

    • Go visit Farsight Institute web Site from Atlanta Georgia USA & you will get how the Giza Pyramid was built !!

    • Very nice, but, the whole time you are talking , you really could have used many more pictures of
      the sites you are referring to..

    • Congratulations to both Brien and L.A. for an amazing synthesis of work so far. I’ve seen these and realize just how little one observers when quickly
      passing by. Each enigma has so much more to tell, and it always comes back to show just how much we have been brain washed by politics, science and religion. Fortunately religion leaves a lot of useful hints, but never the real story with all the gory details. There is so much more to the story about Peru and Bolivia and you both need recognition for opening up the book on maybe the true story. Megalithomania is doing outstanding work and I heartily recommend others experience these mind-expanding tours.

      My bagaboo is humankind is so locked into linear logic that we fail to understand the only true logic which is non-linear (Prigigones thermodynamic disequilibrium systems). By adapting a humble attitude, rather than academic arrogance, there is so much to re-learn as many academically accepted stories are now exhibiting their decay. They have been built on prior stories exhibiting arrogance from so-called experts.. Both of you perhaps pioneers in leading us into the light. Great work!

    • I was just down to C.I.T.D. at Joshua Tree Retreat Center, and saw Brien, his wife, and a host of others. This to me is proof that we are not the greatest creature to live on this Earth, we have dreams of grandeur. When we can do this type of work, maybe, but I don’t believe so. We fight to much, mostly over stupid shit. We don’t have the cooperation of the world, not just it’s population. We have got a long way to go.

    • Absolutely AWESOME…an L.A. videographer & I pitched a show (called ‘Explain This:’) concerning exactly this (and similar) material, but the ‘powers-that-be’ feared we’d be too ‘loose cannon’, so the idea was dumped.

      Magnificent, down-to-earth quandary…


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