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Bombshell: Syria’s “chemical weapons” turn out to be sodium fluoride, the same chemical dumped into municipal water supplies across the USA under “water fluoridation” schemes.

Or to be more clear: Sarin gas is a fluoride compound. “Sarin” has been found in hair samples among the Syrian victims.

Could this be the reason why the US Government hasn’t been thoroughly forthcoming about their hard “proof” about the chemical attacks in Syria?

Wouldn’t it be problematic for Secretary Kerry to explain that this nerve agent (a waste product from aluminum processing, which the the powerful owners of these concerns have been successful in foisting upon most US Municipalities as a way to 1) profit from their waste product; 2) turn the population of the US into submissive slaves; which fluoride was *proven* to do, in the Nazi concentration camps)…Could the substance released in Syria be related to that which has been dumped into the US water supply for several decades; a compound that is essentially the same neurotoxin, which has been enforceably used against the People of the United States, in a far more pernicious, long-term manner…?

Alexandra Bruce

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