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    If our members of Congress and in the Mainstream Media seem like animatronic zombies, pushing bizarre and often anti-American narratives, it’s because many are on the take from foreign powers. The pervasiveness and the perniciousness of the bribery and influence peddling that has corrupted our political process is woefully under-reported. I’ve talked a lot about the perniciousness of the Globalist technocratic aspect of this corruption but Washington has also become a playground for desperate foreign interests and ultimately, the interests of everyday Americans have gotten lost.

    More than a dozen prominent Washington research groups have received tens of millions of dollars from foreign governments in recent years. Foreign propaganda is all around us. Many of us repeat it every day and we don’t even realize it. Foreign-funded news and commentary that we mistake for real thoughts and real news coming from real American citizens is actually paid propaganda.

    This excellent documentary short by Mike Cernovich reveals the role of one of these powerful influencers: the State of Qatar. This tiny Persian Gulf country with a jihadist regime is immensely wealthy, with the highest per capita income in the world. Qatar excels at the game of political influence. They fund think tanks to put out policy papers that support their agenda, then pay journalists to promote it and then fund law firms to sue anybody who disagrees with them. Arguably, there’s not another country that’s even half as aggressive in the foreign influence game as Qatar.

    Want to know why animatronic journalists suddenly sprang to life and flogged the Jamal Khashoggi murder nonstop? Qatar. That whole thing was really a skirmish in a long-simmering dispute between Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Like so many other battles in the 21st century, it consists of psychological information warfare.

    You haven’t heard very much about the influence of Qatar because journalists are afraid to report on this. It’s known that if you cross Qatar, your computers will be mercilessly hacked.

    As Cernovich says, “America wasn’t prepared to deal with a threat like Qatar…They’re buying up our academics, our media. This is happening right before our eyes.”

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    • Thank you both, Mike Cernovich, and Alexandra Bruce, for being brave enough to show us the truth!

      • This story is about the influence of Qatar, in specific. Everybody has already heard of AIPAC and about George Soros but almost nobody has ever heard of the influence of Qatar.

      • Agreed, Mohamed. I suppose it is unseemly for us to harp on the issue of Israeli influence on our government, but any article which purports to discuss this subject has to at least mention the elephant in the room: i.e., how the State of Israel basically owns our Congress, and it sure looks like our executive branch as well! I haven’t done the research, but I’d be willing to bet they do it with our own tax money to boot! Keep bringing it up, Mohamed. Don’t let ’em shut you up. We deserve a government that serves American interests, and no other interests. Anything else is treason, or ought to be.

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