Alexandra Bruce
May 9, 2013

I’ve long been fascinated with the Billy Meier case and I enjoyed the full length film, ‘As the Time Fulfills,’ which I’m hoping will soon become available as a VOD.

A polarizing figure, to say that Meier’s claims are controversial are the ultimate in understatement and he is certainly not without his detractors.

As anyone might imagine – if one would assume, for a moment that his story is true, he would be besieged by those who would stop at nothing to constantly find ways to discredit him – utterly and completely. And in the eyes of many, these efforts have succeeded.

Personally, I choose to hold an open mind about this case, as there is so much information of substance, particularly about consciousness and science – as well as the uncanny fulfillment of his many published predictions, over the past three decades that his information has been publicly available.


Michael Horn
August 30, 2012

This is the trailer for the new film on UFO contact and prophet Billy Meier. It contains over 20 minutes of irrefutable, ironclad proof of Meier’s impeccable prophetic accuracy and his singular role as the only authentic UFO contacee.

Skeptics and other religious believers, conspiracy theorists, those who chase-lights-in-the-sky, think they’ve been abducted by “aliens”, subscribers to delusional New Age “ascension” nonsense, etc. – may have a hard time when confronted with the truth.

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