Most of us have seen the video with Bill Gates that has spawned a YouTube genre/memeverse unto itself, in which he’s is addressing a TED conference and he says, “The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care and reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent…”

Many have cited the clip as clear evidence of Gates’ genocidal designs.

As if to dispel that evil rumor (and YouTube genre), this video was just posted to Bill Gates’ personal YouTube account, in which he explains that improving people’s health has been proven to cause their birthrates to plummet. Gates then rhapsodizes about how many lives he and Melinda are going to save by preventing so many from being born to begin with…due to improved health.

It doesn’t seem to help that when he says this, he clasps his hands just like Mr. Burns, the evil Globalist in The Simpsons! However, it is true that increased education and quality of life does have an inverse impact on population growth, if the birthrates within the developed- and even the newly industrialized nations are any indication.

It would be nice if it’s true that he’s preventing future unchained population growth and hothouse gases by “saving lives” as he loves to say and not straight-up depopulating Least Developed Countries!

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  • Bill ” unplug grandad from the life support and hire a teacher ” Gates
    If over population is such an issue, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind having your offspring sterilized to be part of the solution eh ?

  • Does overcharging for operating systems and office products make a man something larger than a hustler?

    Libre Office is Free for Life.

    Linux is free for life with unlimited updates. It’s easier to learn than you think. I’m above 60 and doing it. You can too but get a demo first and ask good questions – for instance, what gives a hustler the size ego to think that he’s anyone who can speak for society?

    Now, that’s a good question…

  • If Bill Gates had good intentions, instead of VACCINES filled poisons, would promote good health by creating green houses to grow super foods, no matter in what weather people live. And then education. I think if everyone, or a LOT of people planted their food, and did not waist it, the amount of population will not matter. There are already apartments where people can live out of what they plant inside. Companies that plant superfoods inside of domes and buildings using very little water and soil. Not at the weather’s mercy. This already exists. Companies need to create products that are ALL biodegradable, and with the least amount of trash and waist. They say we are too many because it is hard to control people. Bill Gates does NOT have good intentions! What’s with the GM mosquitos? To ‘help’ give people vaccines where they want without authorization. Or to spread some virus and not get caught. Why doesn’t he and Belinda spend their money creating products that are not poisonous??? To kill viruses and heal, not to add the virus, plus poisons into many bodies of people that are already compromised, not healthy and able to fight the virus and poisons that they deliberate put inside of the body. WHO came up with that horrendous idea?? Why not strengths the body with superfoods? So the immune system can fight the virus or what ever? He can sugar coated as much he wants, VACCINES are Crimes against Humanity!

  • Bill Gates searches for a gateway to restore his reputation, as a false business man.
    He even will manipulate the statistics about population.
    Gates………… is a name where the direction is given.
    By such a name, he is predicted to find/create Gates for his aim.

    Are names just names and accidentical or is there e meaning inside?

  • It’s healthy economics in the West which has allowed the free flow of education and opened up worthwhile employment leading to cultural change of choice that has been the driving force behind lower birthrates. When women are educated and work outside the home they choose to have fewer children. Take a look at Japan’s official complaints (as well as the Japanese women’s own statements) about females working outside the home, thus defying the cultural norm for childbearing in that country. BG knows this, yet he drones on. That is why I do not trust his stated intention of saving lives in order to lower the population through better health.

  • In my opinion cars, trucks, buses , planes, bikes etc are the bigger problem, there are more cars than people, eating gas oil and oxygen.
    We need more roads, more airports, more parking lots.
    And more restaurants and more food stores, for more people.

  • It is the technical revolution by which the overpopulation is to happen.
    Health of a human being base on a spirtual evolution.
    So I doubt that any vaccination will solve the situation on earth.

    Gates made billions of dollars for himself, which came from working people earning less money.
    He made his money by technical instruments, where he now gives maby be some precentage of his money “back”. Now he is the good man, moreover at first he stole the money form the poor.
    By less money for food, people die, which causes a growth of the amount of people.
    As long there is so much difference in the personal earnings, the amount of people will grow, where wars are ahead. So killing will go on.
    A scientific singularity is different to a spiritual singularity, where spiritual singularity brings human beings at home inside.

  • I didn’t get the impression that Bill Gates was suggesting any from of depopulation because of over population. Statistically, our planet, as a whole, will suffer if our population reaches the 9 billion mark. We have limited resources and less than three percent of us are producing food to feed the other 97%. Additionally, the infirmed, the indolent and deadbeats, add to our financial burden and contribute nothing to out productivity. Something has to give. Got any ideas that will work?

    • Ninsyl07,

      The problem is, that when one has something to give, at first he had to take it out of the pockets from those who now need to be given.

      It is really simple, gold made by existence costs nothing, laying in the ground of the earth.
      Now the one who diggers for gold, needs money, the transport of the gold need money by the working ones, now the business man needs money. So by this proces there is line of growing in price for the gold. This is also valid for food, clothes etc. The only way to solve this problem, is that the individual need for more money disappears. This will disppear, when people find their loving souls, where love can not be bought.
      I wonder, when this will happen to change.

    • Take a look at the 2010 video posted by Alex. That is the video to which this one responds, apparently. (Nevertheless, that was 8-yrs ago. I don’t think he was bothered by the overall response to his assertions of overpopulation concerns, at least not enough to follow-up in a timely manner. Indicator? I’d say.)


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