It is only recently that technology has emerged to study the samples (mostly hair) until now – and we will see the results at the end of this show, which is relatively new and little seen outside of the UK.

Russia’s very own Bigfoot, the ‘Almasty’ has been recorded for over 300 years, and Russia’s Almasty hunters claim there have been more than 10,000 encounters over the years.

It is described as less hairy than the descriptions of the “Sasquatch” of the US Pacific Northwest and its name literally means “wild man” in Russian.

The Russian Almasty groups theorize that this hominid may be a last survivor of Neanderthals.

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  • It’s ironic how people blow things in this nature out of proportion. Big-Foot is interdenominational being LOL.
    I haven’t got into the big foot subject much. But it being from some other world to come here just to hunt is crazy.
    I think it’s always been here. Yes! A neanderthal. Never evolved during the last ice age. I know a lot of Indians and a few chef’s. And have discuss big foot. All through there history 400 years before Columbus and beyond that. Stories never changed of the hairy creature. Cave paintings of the creature in their past. From what, I have collected. These creatures hate snow. There best abundance for food is Colorado in the summer months. Oregon & Washington are the lesser of the states that they hunt in winter. California seems to be more sightings during the winter. Bolder, Co. Chef Big Bear / He would talk about Sasquatch being a being before the neanderthal. This being was the beginning of man. 7 to 8 ft tall all hair. Over 2500 years before it evolved and Neanderthal came out hairless and a bit shorter then they were. Neanderthal’s were considered outcasts. And posed a problem with Big-foot. Hated mainly. Big Bear explained that Sasquatch lived & still does.. In some of the deepest and undiscovered caves so deep that humans haven’t discovered yet. During the ice age they remained the same. During the Asteroid killing every living thing. The end of the dino and cave people. Now / present day. I have talked to others that aren’t Indian. And there stories pretty much fit along with Indian history here. They believe that only thing that changed ( evolved ). Their hair color. Their like chameleons. They are able to hined 10ft in front o f you and you won’t know it. Like an octopus that changed color when it feels threaten. Same as big foot. One minute it’s there and the next gone. It changes the hair color to fit it’s environment. I don’t believe it’s from some other planet like the movies “Predator”.. Most want to believe..

  • I’m impressed with your archives; however, using Chrome browdser, I can’t see all of the videos for a bar covering the bottom of the screen. The bar also covers the volumn and pause control.

    In summary, viewing videos on the new site, isn’t a pleasing experience

    • Yes, I just now was alerted to this problem with the archived videos in a feedback mail and I’ve told my developer to fix it. Thank you!


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