Salty Cracker, as usual has the most entertaining take on the FBI raid of Mar-A-Lago but it is so expletive-laden that I fear many will be too distracted by his numerous F-bombs to hear what he is saying. Namely:

“If your house gets raided by the FBI, the first thing your lawyer says is, ‘You better shut your mouth…’

“Trump’s like, ‘No, no, they’re breaking into my safe right now.’ He’s running his mouth because he knows. They don’t have anything.

“And you’re going to find out that this raid on his house has nothing to do with January 6th, has nothing to do with Vladimir Putin and him working together – ‘the Vodafone-with-Donald-Trump-direct-communication-to-Putin was in the safe!’

“No, no, no. This is going to be something stupid…everything that’s happening right now is just more fodder for the Left Wing media to go out there and say, ‘See, Donald Trump is a criminal, because only criminals get raided by the FBI-is-Assho. And then nothing will come of it…

“The only thing that’s gonna happen is Normies are gonna start recognizing that this is a Witch Hunt for this dude.

“You keep doing all of this; the Mueller Investigation, Impeachment 1, Impeachment 2, the Russia Dossier – you get nothing out of all of this?…I think nothing’s gonna happen.

“I think this should be rocket fuel for our side. Our side should be getting out there. We should be mocking and ridiculing the Mainstream Media press and these dumb f*ers on hormone blockers on Twitter and pointing out that this won’t lead to anything, this is stupid and thank you – thank you…Donald Trump is a shoo-in for 2024, at this point.

“Nobody likes the f*ing Mainstream Media press, nobody likes Congress, nobody likes Joe Biden, nobody likes the FBI-is-Assho. Nobody likes any of these motherf*ers. And when Donald Trump gets back in there again, now all bets are off and the dude now understands he should have went after Hillary Clinton in 2017, he should have arrested that f*ing c*nt.

“And now, he understands. ‘Holy sh*t! This is how this is played.’

“As far as I’m concerned, this raid on his home over here, it just gives him more bonafides – I would expect these criminals to do this.

“They’re trying to use this as a way to demoralize and upset and stoke actions out of our side. You gotta give them the opposite of all that.

“Mock ’em , ridicule, make fun of them and start insulating and start making sure that we get the people into positions of power; sheriffs, district attorneys, state attorneys and start arresting motherf*ers in 2022, 2024.”

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  • Never let them see you sweat? They’re sweating.
    Their options are dwindling, the most obvious being their failing monkey pox business, then ratcheting up to chaos and from there to a net and/or grid takedown. Other is possible, given their extinction level threat outcome.

  • I fear that the corrupt feral gutter mint has gone way to far. The crimes of the clinton family and the biden family are more egersis. Who raid their homes? No one. Total disrespect. FJB and his handlers.

  • They freaked out when Alex Jones named Epstein and Clinton in court. We’re lucky they didn’t let a nuke off!


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