I wrote a book about Phil Schneider, published in 2001 and was given full access by his ex-wife to his coroner’s report and all legal records associated with his untimely 1996 death and other supporting documents of Phil’s statements prior to his covered-up murder, including many files involving his father Oscar Schneider, who served in the Navy as the Chief Medical Officer, in Charge of the monitoring the radiation effects upon the men and animals who were present during the two nuclear explosions in the Bikini Atoll, known as Project Crossroads; an IRS Tax Return, showing his employment at Morrison-Knudsen, a now-defunct corporation, which was for decades involved in massive civil engineering projects from the Hoover Dam to the Bay Bridge of San Francisco.

Between 1962 and 1972, the company was officially a military contractor.

There are NUMEROUS inaccurate statements made in just the first 15 minutes of this Russian Program, which I don’t know of which Fulford and Wilcock are aware.

First, while it was widely reported on the Internet that Phil was strangled to death with piano wire, this was not the case. The rubber tubing was from his catheter is what was found around his neck after his body had been found, heavily decomposed over a week after his death. He had fallen off his bed, hit his head on his wheelchair, before landing on the floor, where a puddle of blood was found emanating from his mouth.

This would be inconsistent with the Coroner’s ruling of “Death by Self-Asphyxiation,” according to an NYPD Department Chief I interviewed, who said that, A) It is impossible to strangle yourself to death, you would pass out first and B) If his heart had stopped pumping from asphyxiation, there would have been be no puddle of blood.

The Russian program claims he was found dead next to his piano, something I doubt he even owned, considering that he was missing 3 fingers on his left hand.

The Russian program discusses his involvement with a super secret base in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which was NOT what Phil was referring to. Phil was talking about the infamous 1979 Dulce War, in an underground base in New Mexico.

A gunfight between members of the US military and the alleged aliens, with whom they were working broke out, in which Phil claimed he was one of sole human survivors, after his abdomen was “split open like a fish” when a “Big-Nosed Tall Grey Alien” waved his hand over his own abdomen. I discussed the high degree of likelihood that he had been debriefed and mind controlled and that it was best to take his statements with a grain of salt.

The Russian program also claims that the Yellowstone is the biggest volcano in the world, which would cover the Earth in a 6-inch (15 cm) layer of lava in its next eruption, neither of which are true or likely – although a large section of the Northern North American Continent would very likely be taken out, as has happened in its three previous eruptions.


This is the first 15 minutes of a show, which was aired on REN-TV in Russia and neighboring countries and seen by 21 million people. The program reveals the imminent defeat of the New World Order, in this stunning expose’ with Ben Fulford and David Wilcock.

This nearly three-hour documentary revealed how 26 underground bases were mysteriously destroyed between August 22, 2011 and January 2012 — and explores who may have done it.

Never before has a major television series so thoroughly revealed the international alliance that has formed to encircle and defeat the Cabal.

Non-Russian-speaking audiences will have to watch it, with subtitles.

Neil Keenan’s epic multi-billion-dollar lawsuit against the United Nations and other Cabal entities is discussed, as well as Fulford’s own efforts to organize resistance efforts.

Learn how the Federal Reserve deliberately created World War I and II to seize the world’s gold — and create a limitless supply of “bubble money” that could be printed out of thin air.

The documentary ultimately stops short of naming BRICS — Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa — as the public face of this new alliance against the Federal Reserve. This alliance apparently now encompasses a majority of all countries in the world.

You may want to laugh or think this is all “crazy” — but it was taken seriously enough
to be developed into a major, prime-time special on a top Russian network.

As David has often said, “If you throw up, you’ll feel better.” It’s an apt analogy for what we all must learn in order to heal our planet. Without awareness, there can be no resolution.

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