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Darren Beattie joins Steve Bannon, talking about Elon Musk’s countersuit against Twitter.

Darren says Twitter’s former cybersecurity chief, Peiter Zatko aka “Mudge” is the whistleblower advising Musk and that he’s corroborating what I and others have been saying for a while, that these social media sites exist almost solely to conduct psychological operations and that they constitute the primary theater of operations for 5th generation warfare via Interactive Internet Activities.

As Darren puts it, the platform “Is an absolute cesspool for influence operations from intelligence agencies…[Twitter’s] chief value is it serves as a platform for various intelligence agencies and other nefarious operatives to influence public opinion, often through entirely deceptive and artificial means, by creating various bot networks and so forth.”  

Darren says Musk just wants out of the deal, after seeing what’s really going on and after getting a taste of what it’s like to be an enemy of the Biden Regime – and by extension, of the Global Elite. He says Musk’s bid to Make Twitter Great Again is a “failed mission” and that Musk would rather go back to doing “tech support for the regime.”

Darren continues, “Big Tech, for matters of importance functions essentially as an extension of the security state and that’s why it’s so hard to tame. They’re extensions of our security apparatus; the censorship functions, the mass-propaganda functions have effectively been outsourced to these big, ostensibly private companies but not ultimately private companies…”

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  • We like our stories ,s certain recipe of characters and plots . Elon is no good guy. As we will find out with hab’s and Starlink. Expect a carefully controlled takeover ofTwitter ,enforced by the courts etc….poor Elon the independent,the left feild guy…………Dint believe a word from Elon……
    His use of his brand in media extends to intensive lies and propoganda about the Ukraine. Elon is right at the table with Faucci ,Biden ,City if London……….Check how many satellites are up there……..then check out the 400% increase all for Elons Starlink! How did this guy ….without any public approval or knowledge,be allowed to ruin the night sky for world astronomers! It’s sneaky. The wombat pox jab tech hasn’t started yet . What we ve seen are just reaction’s so far. Elons going to pulse the nanotubes out of billions of victims .
    Billions have been bluetoothed,under a false pox……..the network is yet to be activated…….and energy is made prohibitory for billions……..
    I suggest the power energy issue is false and that the generating capacity is being secretly set aside for weather weapons and Starlink.
    Does anyone find it incredible ….how Tesla did not make a penny for years….carye blanche for electrical inventions ,full access to the lower atmosphere of the whole planet?!
    Don’t be surprised if we enter the autumn with outbreaks of disease in selected areas……like Iraq ,Iran,Syria, Taiwan,China…..,or if you wake up to find the whole of Poland and other East Europe birders under quarantine due to Marburg or Cholera ,. Enabling full mobility for the military. While everyone is locked down ,they can’t see what’s happening in their country.

  • I only read Twitter when someone I like posts. Many of the negative comments are clearly bots because they are so predictable and shallow. Whenever there is a Ukraine flag ( formerly a mask) it’s likely not a real person. That platform is such a shit hole.

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