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    Banking insider, Richard Werner warns that the Globalists have been looking for the right time and a good way to roll out their Central Bank Digital Currency since 2015.

    Werner says that he was told by a central banker something that is never discussed: that the CBDC being proposed by the Bank for International Settlements will be an implantable chip. Werner believes that the central bankers need to collapse the economy and to institute a Universal Basic Income in order to force the people to be chipped.



    German banking economist Richard Werner was selected as a “Global Leader for Tomorrow” by the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2003.

    Here, he tells us an insider’s view of what to soon expect and says the only way to survive the Great Reset is for us to immediately begin setting up our own banking system.

    The Bank for International Settlements recently published a report called, “Blueprint for the future monetary system: improving the old, enabling the new.”

    This report proposes that a Central Bank Digital Currency will serve as the new reserve currency. And calls for the digital confiscation of all physical property by assigning every real-world item its own unique digital token which will contain rules on how each item can and cannot be used. So that each person can be controlled and conditioned directly by the central bank.

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    • It’s absolutely HORRIFYING that some people would think this is a good idea and would surrender themselves to it. God Help Us!!!!

    • While I’m not a Religious fanatic terrified of the “Mark of the Beast”, here’s how I feel about “implantable chips”. The most important person in my present-day life is Bailey the Chihuahua who the Vet offered to microchip in the event that she becomes lost. My reply? Absolutely not.
      So, I’m not about to get a CBDC microchip which will enable my Enemies to track my every movement from tactical to bowel from a thousand miles away, or allow any developing military AI to “accidentally” put a missile up my ass with laser precision. Till I die, “Cash is King!”

    • I highly doubt on this.

      However, them trying to force us on this crap alone is pissing me off, and most sheep here are too dumb that their privacy is easily compromised over small (extremely subjective / marginal ) convenience such as trying to use scan and pay every f*cking where when they can just use cash.

      The dumb trend is extremely similar to C19 scam trend as they are still covering their faces with face diaper.

      • Privacy is the least of concerns with CBDC, as it would allow for absolute control!
        Want a steak, NOT allowed, you exceeded your allotted meat intake for the month!
        Want a beer, sorry, declined purchase, as you already consumed a six pack this month!
        Need to buy some ammo, purchased declined, additionally, you have been referred to the ATF, as they were not aware you even owned a gun!
        Where exactly do you think they will draw the line?
        Need a hint, they won’t, as they won’t need too, if you complain, if you protest, you can easily be erased with the click of a mouse!
        Bank account seized, home foreclosed, or rental terminated, employment terminated, you are a nonperson, living on the streets, begging for scraps, as none could give you money, it no longer exists!
        Think for a moment that any would help you, think again, as you serve as an example of what they do NOT want to become!
        CBDC is about absolute control, absolute power, over every aspect of our lives, demanding absolute compliance, resistance is futile, the wet dream of every tyrant since the dawn of man, now actually made possible with the technology we so lovingly embrace!

    • CBSDC’s will proliferate for people who lose wallets , keys , glasses etc. but the highway men will now be hacking your DIGITAL account or to save time just hack off the whole hand and use it till it rots or the smell gives them away. This DIGITAL hand job should be a boon to the handyman down at the surgical ward installing AI robotic replacement hands so get a grip and just say no to the handywork of the devil.

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