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    I’ve been covering the story of the mysterious Baltic Sea Object found by the Swedish marine treasure-hunting team called Ocean X since it first broke in June of 2011.

    I’d just been wondering whatever had become of this object and was happy to have serendipitously stumbled upon this update, posted by the HumanResonance group.

    Recapping earlier findings, the initial sonar image released in 2011 revealed an object which bore an uncanny resemblance to the Millennium Falcon, of Star Wars fame. Rumors that the object was a UFO which had crashed to the bottom of the Baltic in ancient times ran rampant for a while.

    After their first diving expedition, Ocean X reported that the formation has an appearance of “rough granite,” that it is 3 to 4 meters (10 to 13 feet) thick and approximately 60 meters (200 feet) in diameter. Not widely reported is that the whole thing stands on a pillar-like feature that’s 8-meters (26-feet) tall.

    The structure is on the seafloor, midway between the coasts of Sweden and Finland, at a depth of 85 to 90 meters (279 to 295 feet), with another smaller circular object, which appears to be related nearby. The primary object is at the end of what resembles a 300-meter (980-foot) “runway”; a straight path roughly the same width as the object. It looks as though it could be a long skid mark left behind by the structure – if this were, indeed a crashed ship. However, that the structure sits atop a 26-foot pillar does not support the idea of this path being a “runway”.

    This “runway” may have instead have been a ceremonial avenue, similar to so many others constructed within temple complexes built by the Maya and other Native American groups in Central America and Mexico.

    On their second diving expedition, Ocean X reported that they found something that looks like a staircase and a round black hole that goes directly into the structure. It was also found that the object emitted an electromagnetic field that disabled all nearby electronic equipment, including those aboard low-flying airplanes. These conditions made for a very difficult investigation, given the object’s location on the seafloor and the poor visibility of only one meter, near the bottom.

    The HumanResonance group has declared that the structure has been identified as a “submerged construction from the Paleolithic era,” which they believe to have been a monument built during the “highly-advanced Atlantean civilization over 14,000 years ago.”

    Separate from the conclusions of the HumanResonance group, co-discoverer and Ocean X team leader, Dennis Åsberg describes the texture of the structure to be similar to that of concrete and that it appears that a round object separated from the bottom. Although it looks like concrete, “When we brush it off, it’s black. The object looks the same underneath as on the upper side; same color too, just like a plate on the bottom.” There’s what looks to be a large staircase on one side, with the stairs uniformly measuring about one meter each.

    This video contains CGI, based on scale models of the structure created from sonar, ROVs and physical measurements taken by divers. Video data collected by the ROVs was fleeting as the structure was emitting frequencies which affected both them and the Ocean X’s ship’s equipment on the surface.

    Much of what is known about the structure comes from the divers, who collected samples, which revealed that the structure’s composition is metallic, leading them to suspect that it was unnatural and must have been constructed or manufactured.

    The samples were analyzed by the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. Their analyses indicate that the structure’s composition is no ordinary rock. It contains abnormally high concentrations of titanium, manganese and iron. These metals are all key materials in the manufacture of high-tech aerospace components.

    Quoting directly from the narration track of the video, which presumably expresses the views of the HumanResonance group:

    “An initial visual inspection reveals an abundance of fine metallic inclusions throughout the stone-like material, that appears to have been reconstituted from a finely pulverized mixture of basalt, quartz and tourmaline, conferring piezoelectric properties to the composite artificial basalt material.

    “Tests conducted by the Weizmann Institute and Tel Aviv University’s Institute of Archaeology included SEM imaging of the artificial basalt sample, expos[ed] a variety of distinctive features not found in naturally crystallizing volcanic basalt. Instead, these features characterized ancient magnetic geopolymer basalt and andesite. [These have been] now, conclusively identified at multiple sites dating to the Paleolithic period of high civilization.

    “Surprising EDS results identified high metal concentrations of iron, manganese and titanium, elevated far above standard abundance values for natural geologically-formed specimens.

    “The interspersed particulate combination of ferromagnetic and paramagnetic metals with piezoelectric crystals represents a high-efficiency semiconductor material that converts and amplifies all frequencies of electromagnetic energy into an EM vortex surrounding the construction.

    “Huge, geometric symbols cast into the ancient cement building represent Paleo-Sanskrit hieroglyphs of the global Atlantean culture.

    “The 2-meter hole with the square around it forms a sacred vote of ligature. The square glyph represents a planet while the dot represents a numeral, together reading: “Jupiter the One.”

    “The circular format of the entire temple and its singular dome represent the Paleo-Sanskrit numeral “one” used by Atlantean spiritual traditions to praise the One, the Universal, Divine Creative Force, reinforcing this voted phrase or Edgar Cayce statements concerning the spiritual tenets of the ‘Law of One’.

    “The most conspicuous man-made geometric structure on this massive step platform monument is a large hemispherical dome feature that likely served to focus ultra- and infrasonic waves into a hemispherical inner chamber, accessed from the adjacent recessed corridor.

    “The greatest hindrance to the seafloor site investigation is an intense electromagnetic vortex that perpetually interferes with all types of electrical equipment situated on or above the ancient monument in the vertical water column on board ships at the sea surface and even affecting local flying airplanes.

    “This unusual type of potentially dangerous EM vortex causes digital magnetometers and compasses to spin perpetually in proximity to the temple and directly above it, a fact that is familiar to military and civilian pilots working in the vicinity of pyramids all over the world, especially in Egypt, Mexico and Guatemala…”

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    • I think all these artifacts are like pieces to a jigsaw puzzle that would eventually explain our real history and origins.The problem is,can we figure it out or find enough pieces to the puzzle before we blow ourselves to bits.I use the term “we” lightly mind you.

    • I had wondered what if anything had been going on in the Baltic Sea about said item, and now I know there needs to be a lot more done to bring the truth to the people who want to know, still I wonder, is it a temple? Or a communication device? Considering what it’s made of, and the other thing how was it made? Oh, more thing how did it get there? I can make up stories too, but if this is the best guess they can come up with, they need better writers. They should ask the NSA to come up with a story. “IT’S HERE” “IT HAS BEEN WAITING 14,000 YEARS TO STRIKE” Now that sounds like the NSA. Well anyway, have a great day.

      • I was going to say that 14,000 years ago, the sea level was 400 feet below what it is today, i.e. there were no Straits of the Bosphorus because it was all above ground, as more of the Earth’s water was bound up in polar ice and other glaciers.

        I thought that it would follow that this structure was therefore also above ground – but then I considered how far north that Baltic location is and realized that it would have been beneath the polar ice, which is borne out by this image in a Wikipedia article about the last Glacial Maximum: (The Baltic is actually still brackish from the glacial meltwater).

        The article states that polar ice in the Baltic region started melting 12,300 years ago. This makes the location of this structure even more mysterious, assuming that its dating as being 14,000 years old is correct.

    • […] I’ve been covering the story of the mysterious Baltic Sea Object found by the Swedish marine treasure-hunting team called Ocean X since it first broke in June of 2011. I’d just been wondering whatever had become of this object and was happy to have serendipitously stumbled upon this update, posted by the HumanResonance group. Recapping […]  […]

    • It’s possible Atlantis is now under the ice of Antarctica as there are lots of pyramids buried under the ice.

      There’s also the entrance to Hollow Earth at the South Pole as well as the North Pole that lead towards the inner sun of planet Earth. Advanced alien civilisation have been reported by Admiral Byrd in his diaries along with earnings for world leaders on the Earth surface not to use nuclear weapons.

      • “Atlantis-in-Antarctica” is propounded by the Canadian husband-and-wife team, the Flem-Aths and I don’t disagree with it except to say that I think of “Atlantis” as less of a *place* than a *time* when the Earth’s sea level was 400 below what it is today.

        I do find it very interesting, though that on the east side of the North Atlantic in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia there’s the Atlas Mountain Range and on the west side, there’s Mexico with hundreds and hundreds of place names that end in “-atlán”.

        • Oh – also very interesting that in the indigenous traditions of Mexico, Central America and South America (east of the Andes), they pretty much uniformly say that their ancestors came from the east (the direction of the Atlantic Ocean). There are 600+ such traditions of this among the Amerindians of South America, alone.

    • Hi Alexandra, I just needed to make a comment about today’s entry the “CRISPER”, the mutations that are problematic is the fact the the “pscyo’s” called Monsanto, Dow, and their other good buddies along with all the pharmaceuticals is mutating us all, and now they’ve got a bunch of crazies trying to come up with a supposed cure? Holy shit how stupid and lunie do they think some of us are, to buy into this bullshit. Just needed to rant and thanks for all you do to try and bring REAL NEWS to those of us who are interested and care. Warm Regards, Ms M

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