After three years of Trump supporters being ridiculed and called “conspiracy theorists”, we now know that actors within the FBI intentionally concealed, intentionally altered and intentionally lied to put us through two and half years of the Mueller Investigation.

After three years of Trump being called a “Russian asset” and “Putin’s puppet”, we now know that the FBI and the entire Department of Justice misled the country and the world. The entire media knew this and not one of them lifted a finger to put an end to it.

A lot of hay was made yesterday on both sides of the aisle over the OIG Report’s finding that there was “no political bias” by FBI leadership in launching a counterintelligence probe of Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign. The discussion of “no political bias” is a red herring.

A real question might be: How many people have these five agents framed in the past, like they did Carter Page? How many court cases or people who have been surveilled and then convicted might now appeal their cases as a result of the DOJ’s findings of FBI malfeasance thus far?

Of the five people identified in the OIG Report who had either omitted or lied or altered documentary evidence to enable the continuation of this Russia collusion investigation and the renewing of the FISA application, have any of these five people been reviewed for previous malfeasance doing the same thing? And if not, why not? And if so, what are the cases?

Of course, more than just those five people were involved. Had the truth been told about Christopher Steele’s “Pee-Pee Dossier” in early 2017, none of this “Russia Collusion” nonsense would have gotten any traction.

The entire Mueller Investigation was predicated on FBI malfeasance! Mueller’s appointment was a function of a select group within the FBI 1) Lying, 2) Fabricating, and 3) Omitting evidence. The Mueller Investigation was a continuation of the Crossfire Hurricane FBI counterintelligence operation.

They lied to the FISA Court, they doctored documents, hid exculpatory evidence, secretly taped conversations with informants, went through emails and phone calls…and these are just the findings of the OIG Report, which was extremely limited in scope.

US Attorney John Durham is looking at everything – and he issued a statement within minutes of the release of the OIG Report on FISA abuse that he disagreed with their findings of “no political bias”. His report is expected in about 6 months.

As I discussed on Monday when the OIG Report was released, it appears that the DOJ has been using a special font that hampers document searches – and more importantly – Freedom of Information Act requests.

Words appear to be spelled correctly within official documents but if you copy the text, you discover that the actual letters used are different. I’d previously pointed out that “Comey” appeared to be “Comey” but if you actually copied the text, the letters used are “Corney”. Thus, a search for “James Comey” in the OIG Report yielded zero results. This would undermine FOIA requests.

Many more such obfuscations have now been discovered and there are bound to be more. Biden: Biclen; Clinton: Ciinton; Obama: Obarna; Nadler: Nacller; Pelosi: Peiosi…

It’s also curious how the number 17 keeps coming up. We were told by Hillary and John Podesta and others that “17 intelligence agencies had confirmed” that Russia interfered with the 2016 election. The letter Q is the 17th in the alphabet and now the OIG Report tells us that there were 17 instances of gross violations in the investigation into Carter Page. 476 pages in the report adds up to 17…

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  • Lindsay Graham said the Russians hacked the DNC emails in his opening statement. He repeated this talking point even though the DNC server has never been investigated. Just like 9/11, it will all be whitewashed.
    RIP Seth Rich
    Soon to be RIP Julian Assange
    We live under a tyrannical ruling class. NOTHING of significance will ever happen to the protected class. But the FBI will continue to break down the doors of its citizens at 5am whenever they want. They will lie, fabricate and mislead judges to take away your rights.
    The Scandal-land just like Disneyland is for the entertainment of the masses.
    The ruling class walks away with millions and the population remains inactive and demoralized.
    This is how governance works. Enjoy your serfdom. Scandal-land will keep dishing up new scandals everyday for your consumption. Get your popcorn 🍿 Enjoy the show.


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