The way Lionel talks about the Democrats may as well be me talking. I am a former lifelong Democrat and I suspect that Lionel is, as well.

He says, “Did you see Nancy wearing black tonight to symbolize the death of her party…? I hate them. I hate the Democratic Party – these people. I hate them. I HATE them. It’s a warmth. It just defines me. I’m LOVING it! I LOVE to HATE them!

“…I’ve gone through a transformation…Look, some people like certain kinds of music, some people like certain kinds of food…I can’t help that – I understand it.

“I don’t hate people who disagree with me. Some people are against the death penalty, some people are whatever it is and that’s fine and I dig it and that’s OK…I don’t feel hate just because you disagree with me. But what they’re going after is…our Constitution.”

And that’s the point. The sham impeachment is not a function of any vital democratic processes. There is nothing democratic going on, here.

This has been a Soviet-style show trial; the culmination of an ongoing hybrid warfare campaign by Globalist interests against the United States, ever since Trump took office, as he vowed to wrest this country back from their clutches.

Not enough people seem to get this.

And after all that, Nancy Pelosi now says she won’t send the impeachment articles to the Senate just yet. She says she wants to know more about what the process will look like in the Senate.

If Pelosi refuses to send Impeachment Articles to the Senate, then technically, Trump could adjourn Congress for refusing to do its Constitutional duty to complete the impeachment process. Further, he could not be blamed for adjourning Congress if he were doing it to force his own impeachment trial (!)

Senator Mitch McConnell has been saying he will move to dismiss the impeachment case and prevent it from being heard in the Senate. This is exactly what every dirty, mobbed-up member of our government would prefer.

If the impeachment is allowed to go to trial, Trump will be able to present all of the evidence he’s been denied from presenting since this sham began, the outcome of which would be devastating to the DNC. They might not survive the exposure of their institutionalized corruption, which is why they’ve been acting so crazy.

There’s a rumor that the Democrats are being forced by the Trump team to self-destruct and that they will not be left standing, after all is said and done.

As the mysterious @3Days3Nights account tweeted last night, “This tweet will be hard for some. MOST of the Dems voted for impeachment today because they are desperate for Trump to FREE them from their blackmailers. Taking Cartel & CIA & MOS money is a life or death proposition. Trump is SAVING THEM. Federal justice is their safest option.”

He continues in a follow-up tweet:

“It means Trump has the ability to make Dems try to destroy themselves voluntarily. Ask yourself what could possibly create that kind of legal leverage.

1. Avoiding capital punishment.

2. Protection from handlers.

3. Keeping family out of it.

4. No better options left.”

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  • Mitch McConnell says he will stop it at the Senate floor. He’d love that! Why does he not want to give Trump his due in court to be heard and call all the witnesses and expose all the crimes that have been committed by the Democrats? Because he knows it will also expose many a Republican who have been committing crimes as well. According to the Constitution for considering what they all have done, then they ALL need to hang for high crimes and treason, sedition, and as well for crimes against humanity. Yeah, some large fish might get caught and fried, but the largest ones will be well protected from being caught and fried. And unless they ALL are caught and fried, then as soon as Trump is out of office be it in 2020 or 2024; then they will be back in the seat and they will come after US ALL like catching fish in a barrel!!! Then what!? Hmm? This going to require all of us –not just Trump- to be trusted to take down the cabal. And we cannot do that by just sitting and typing in comments or listening to motor mouths here online (no offense to Lionel but he is a motor mouth, lol). We have woke up together now we need to stand up together! Prepare because if you want to have positive change, -history shows it takes physical strength and blood letting. Just say’n! Otherwise, go back to your regularly scheduled programming where you can cheer for whoever you think is the hero or jeer at whatever side you think are the only criminals. But don’t be surprised when the winner from either team comes to knock down your door and drag you into the streets. Because that is exactly what will happen after Trump leaves in either 2020 or 2024 if he doesn’t take the entire cabal down. We woke up; now we need to stand up!

  • Maybe it’s a scam? Didn’t I see a video on how Clinton negotiated with pretty much everyone on giving them what “they” wanted to not impeach him? Perhaps they trying to negotiate with Trump? I hope he’s not like that and doesn’t give in but lets see what happens.

  • It is ALL kabuki theater. We live in cryptocracy. You don’t know who the real leaders are. They are the puppeteers who want you to think the swamp can be drained. Yes, a portion of their minions will be taken down. However, we will be told that the dark state has been purged even as the cryptocracy’s power has been expanded. Trump and Brexit are head fakes. Nationalism will be blamed for the upcoming economic disaster and even for WW III. Weary, fearful, angry and hungry for a solution, the world will embrace a global government when it comes riding in like a knight in shining armor. The Hegelian Dialectic will be complete. Left versus right is, and has always been, a divide and conquer strategy. Humans are easily fooled, and the greedy are easily conned. The parasites’ win will be short lived however. In the big cycle, in order to perpetuate the endless hamster wheel of duality, it’s necessary to pull the rug out from under evil, just as it seems to finally win fully and completely. I new cycle begins, which will feel like spring time for humanity. However, in time, just as good seems about to vanquish evil forever, it, too, will face reversal and we re-enter the reign of the parasite. The answer is to step outside this duality loop. Everything else is just a pep rally for its continuation.


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