Jim Marrs, fearless author, journalist and classic Texan passed away suddenly on Wednesday of a heart attack, after a short battle with kidney disease. Marrs was the author of the bestselling UFO book of all time, ‘Alien Agenda’ and of ‘Crossfire’, the book upon which Oliver Stone’s film ‘JFK’ is based.

The latter was instrumental to the creation of the Assassination Records Review Board in the 1990s, which led to the discovery of the secret documents relating to Operation Northwoods, the proposal for 9/11-style False Flag attacks, which would be blamed on Cuban Prime Minster Fidel Castro.

After a brief eulogy by Alex Jones, we’re treated to a rarely-seen clip of Marrs riffing fluently in his Texan English about the state of affairs in the US, from which this is a quote:

“The assassination of President John F. Kennedy marked a turning point in the history of the United States…this is the benchmark for the ascendancy of what has come to be known as the Shadow Government. This is when they pulled off the gloves…[today] it is so overt and so in your face that people are finally beginning to understand that these are moves to destroy the Democratic Republic of the United States…

“We find ourselves in a situation, where it doesn’t matter whether you vote Conservative or Democrat or Republican, you’re still going to get Globalist, Fascist National Socialist – Nazis. It’s incumbent upon us today to stand up, as freeborn Americans and point their fingers at these people, who’ve been manipulating and controlling our history of the last, at least 60 years, probably 100 years and identify them for what they are: National Socialist Nazis – and Fascists – and cleanse our body politic of this, so that we can restore our Constitutional Republic and the freedom and the liberty that we were given by our ancestors.”

“Neoconservatism [is] another name for National Socialism.” – Jim Marrs


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  • I met Jim 14 years ago at a conference in Laughlin, Nevada and we have crossed trails a few times since. Jim, in my eyes was a hero. He told the truth as he investigated and saw it. Truth is a rarity in today’s world . Truth,like poetry, is savored by few, where most don’t give a damn about either.
    We have lost a giant of a man regardless of what paid trolls will write.
    Happy trails my friend. You will be missed. Bon Voyage!

  • Not the bar association. The Neocons. The Fascist Nazis. The same people who installed a Nazi regime in Ukraine. They’re called Democrats and RINOs now.

  • You will be missed, Jim. Thank you for you clarity, humor and insight through the years. That distinctiveTexas drawl will be missed as well. Love be with you on your journey back home.

  • It should be a Small Step to connect the JFK Assassination with today’s attempt at a coup d’ etat to overthrow the Trump Administration. The name of the perps? New World Order! The player’s???
    Instead of LBJ and the DNC, we have Sen. Schumer and the DNC with a conspiracy of international bankers, and financiers. Foreign money is involved … do not overlook the involvement of George Soros … Do not overlook the involvement of the Clinton’s, who have ties to the underworld since their days in Arkansas.
    Who, or What is the great “facilitator”? My vote says BEWARE of the ABA (Amer. BAR Assoc.)!

  • Yes, there is no fear for discovering how/what the other one is.
    The fear is the write over it and tell the other ones of waht is discovered.
    Here a certain fearless makes such a person a hero.

    Now I have to ask:
    How much fear is present inside all people for discovering the own being, the own self?

    Just aks some one: who are you?

    The answer you get is at first a name, than a job (personality), than a familiy position /Fahther, Mother etc.), than maybe……I am a human being. Now the question is what is a human being? How does he think, feel and sense??? From where comes his intelligence/Intellect?
    Who is here a hero?

    For sure there are human rights.
    Moreover, now there must be a description of what a human being is, otherwise it is impossible to discover what his rights are.

  • Alex, Please listen to Jim. The globalists are NAZI globalists, (read: Nazi CAPITALIST globalists. Think Charles Koch, and what’s his name Mercer, Banon’s friend.)

    They are NOT Communist globalists.

    If you learn nothing else from Jim Marrs, please get that into your very, very thick skull.

    • Nazis are Fascist Nationalist *Socialists*, John.

      I’m the one who transcribed what he said and wrote the word “Nazis” twice. I know all about the Nazi infiltration of the US government.

      I could be annoyed that you’re insulting me on my own comment board and that I have to take lip from you every week in feedback emails for nothing of any redeeming value in kind but you have zero social skills and there’s nothing for it.

      • I have been on a forum that had been infiltrated by someone who was confirmed to be plant. This person would contradict rudely without any respect for other peoples opinion and deliberately spread discourse. He would would purposely pick on the regular posters and even forced some to leave the forum. He was ejected by the moderator who also confirmed that he believed the ‘nasty person’ was a plant to disrupt the forum due to the nature of our “conspiracy” discussions where we questioned everything and kept the MSM under strict observation.
        Talking about infiltration our UK government and their Puppet Masters are infiltrated by physcopaths.

    • There is no reason to be insulting to anyone. There seems to be an increase in ugly behavior on the site just lately. You are contributing to it. So STOP. Adult debate, not childish name calling will get your pint across.

  • Its funny how you feel a sense of loss when you lose somebody you have never met and lives thousands of miles away but this is how I felt when I read about Jims passing. He was one of the people I came across in my early google search days when I started searching for the truth after realising that 9/11 was not as the official narration. Jim’s legacy will be his written work, video documentries and presentations that I am sure will help and educate many more people like me who realise that truth comes first. Have fun Jim.

    • Jim Marrs really made a difference. It hit me a lot harder than I would have thought and I was surprised, too. I knew he was ill and in his last days but nothing can ever really prepare you.

      • I am a Pakistani academic. The death of Jim Marrs has hit me thousands of miles away, in a different continent, as if I knew him personally. He has passed away at a time when the U.S. and the world needed him most. He was writer of great depth and clarity and a man of immense integrity and courage that shone through his writings. This is a profound loss for all those who strive for a better world. May his soul rest in peace and may God grant his family the strength to bear the loss.

        • It is good to hear he has had such a worldwide impact. Thanks for letting the state-siders know, Mujahid.

        • Mujahid, what a great testimony of Jim Marrs’ impact. Thank you for visiting and commenting all they way from Pakistan.


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