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Veteran investigative journalist, Sharyl Attkisson breaks down the phenomenon of astroturf, i.e.,the  fake “grassroots movements” of trolls funded by political, corporate, or other special interests, who form a phalanx which very effectively manipulate and distort media messages, especially on the Internet.

This multiple Emmy Award-winning journalist describes their methods of harassing the questioners of authority, rather than to deal with the questions, themselves – and certainly never with the so-called “authorities”.

She warns that there’s nothing she can do to resolve this nefarious phenomenon but hopes that her talk will help motivate the viewers to become “wiser consumers of information…in an increasingly artificial, paid-for reality.”

Alexandra Bruce

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Alexandra Bruce

Alexandra Bruce

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  • Deception runs much deeper than most of you are aware of yet. This dis-information phenomenon extends to Sock-Puppets, Artificial-Intelligence, etc. I would not be surprised to find that we have non-movie versions of HAL-9000 type Sock-Puppets controlled by Advanced Artificial-Intelligence (not as far-fetched as it sounds if you’re aware of A.I.s that have passed the Turing Test already… basically meaning that they are indistinguishable from a real human person).

    Over in Japan there is a robot on the market called Pepper the Robot whose purpose is benevolent, able to have full and entire conversations with you (currently only in Japanese as far as I know), then consider that Black-Budgets are huge, and ask yourself if it makes sense that what I have described is far-fetched or if indeed, enough evidence exists to support the idea that such things as malevolent versions of programmed A.I. are a real possibility. I will try to explain some other matters of pertinent importance soon on another platform…

  • Most of this comes down to private property. As soon as you realize that you are considered and treated like someone’s private property, you’ll go a long way to understanding the truth.

  • I have in Sweden tried to expose the organized trolls and also started a group on Facebook “Wikipedia under attack”. The wikipedia guerilla is based on an anti humanistic, new atheistic, materialism ideology. It is important to view life and man as a product. Then it is easy to utilize this product, control it and make a profit of it. The forces financing it is among others Big Pharma. In 2015 I came across a doctor who combined treatment with natural medicine. This was considered threatening to school medicine. And the leader of the sceptics in Sweden started a media hunt based on lies. I decided to do a documentary that turned ut to be 100 minutes and will have its release in 2016. TRAILER
    The whole project financed by Crowd funding BLOGG:

  • 2 commenters brought up Alex Jones. My ?s for them are: Is there something wrong with stirring things up? and what are the wrong directions we might go in? If Jones is a paid for shill because no one has eliminated him, then would not all the truthsayers be having “bad” accidents, having heart attacks, or committing suicide? It is up to the reader, the listener, the ponderer, to “not throw the baby out with the bath water”. And it’s not easy. We have false flags galore, & suicides (not) and disappearances, suspicious heart attacks, and on and on. Stay sharp.

  • I too have experienced that Wikipedia is nothing more than a misleading ‘source’ of information, especially misleading for all those people who are just awakening and starting to find answers because they have doubts about politics, drugs, etc. Once you start to see through it, you’re speechless by the enormity of the lies surrounding you, and you feel overwhelmed and powerless. That’s the moment you need to go on, not to give up opening your eyes… and keep them open…. get out of bed… everyone hates getting up, but this is what’s needed: all of us waking up and asking questions and questions and questions…. and to keep searching for answers till you really FEEL with your heart that you’ve found the answer. Your brains can be fooled, but your heart knows.

  • I certainly agree with your comments on wikipedia, having been frustrated by the manipulations of editors myself. I’d just like to add though that the problem isn’t just with situations where big business is involved, but also in the case of issues such as the existence of telepathy where so-called sceptics are so certain that they know the truth that they make use of all the devices available at their disposal to try and prevent anything favourable to the claims being included in the article.

    This touches on a wider issue, the fact that once a subject has gained a bad reputation among scientists for whatever reason it is very difficult for it to recover as journal editors then refuse to publsh favourable papers, so that open-minded people never get to see the evidence that all is not well with the establishment point of view.

  • Kathy Yarbrough you are correct Alex Jones is paid for shill and probably an astro turf hack. Personally i find him to irritating to listen to & if he was any real threat he would have been attacked and smeared or worse – THAT is a 1st hint someone is real … they are called a paranoid crank … look into Karl Hans Welz and what he has done as he can’t be bought … it has been tried and he is too smart for big $$$.

  • It’s all simply lying. Then lying is deceiving. Then society is wrecked.
    Start with punishing lies; one year of community service for every proven lie!

    BTW, some discernement needs to be applied; I lie every day when asked ‘How are you?’. I say ‘Good!’…

  • I love your article. I always wondered about these same things you have talked about. Sadly, you have pretty much confirmed my suspicion. Thank you so much, and if there is anything I can do to help you get the word out, let me know. I also have a question for you….I have listened to Alex Jones for sometime now, but I am starting to think he may just be a plant to stir things up and get the people moving in the wrong direction. Please let me know if you have any knowledge on this subject. I feel like I can trust what you say. Thanks, Kathy

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