Q posted this video by Awakening Greatly from their Twitterfeed. Enjoy.

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  • 10 years now that I stopped watching TV…specifically TV so-called news…This Qanon I think is still a psychological operation in favor of President Trump. Our elections today are nothing more than power struggles between the oligarchs. The military controls Trump along with pretty much everything… Stop watching TV…stop believing in politics…and start to get your soul/spirit energized for the incoming rounds of bullshit…the afterlife awaits us all…prepare!

    • I don’t get programmed by tel ie vision either. Q is totally a psy-op, that really should be quite obvious to all by now. Trump is not controlled by the military. He’s controlled by Sheldon Adelson and others of the same ilk. This is why Trump has done nothing about the 1st amendment censorship that is OVER THE TOP; it’s why he signed an EO making criticism of a certain group “illegal”, and it’s also why he bombs the enemies of that group… congress members must pledge to that group…. the federal reserve is run by that group…. Hollywood… Medical…. Universities…. need I go on? I am not “anti” anyone based upon what they look like or anything stupid like that (um, didn’t we have a milato in the white house for 8 yrs? wth…) I AM anti-supremacism and it matters not your sex, gender race, religion, etc.. We have a King Kong-sized elephant in our living room, America, and in fact have been told and warned about it many, many times in the past. You just need scale-less eyes to see and a strong soul to accept and commit to face all problems and adversity HEAD ON. Always remember: They trick us into doing harm to ourselves, those we love, and all other life. One life is all that we know we have — why would any of us choose THIS way to live it? Take and own your personal power. RISE


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