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    Alexandra Bruce
    January 23, 2014

    An older interview on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory with David Hatcher Childress, discussing an Egyptian-looking city found in 1909 underneath the Grand Canyon.

    This interview coveres a multitude of subjects, not only the Egyptian city, but the Olmecs, the Maya, Vimanas, ancient technology, the Pyramids and Ziggurats, UFOs and artifacts on the moon (with the video showing as they talk about it…

    Did you know the moon has pyramids? All this is discussed in this interesting and captivating interview with Mr. Childress.

    NOTE: The audio goes out around the 10 minute mark so look at the pictures and then go to 21 minutes and the audio resumes where it left off…none of it is missing. I don’t know why it does that and I can’t fix it without replacing the whole thing and it took over two weeks to make and then 27 hours to upload. So, just look at the pics and then go to 20 minutes and it picks up. So very sorry for that. Thanks!

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • I have been studying this cover up and forgotten event for a while… Evidently the area is off limits as a military property and all the artifacts are in the warehouse of National Geographic.. Nobody wants to talk about it anymore and the original articles and pictures are hard to find…

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