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Last week, journalist Andy Ngo was brutally assaulted in Portland, Oregon by an Antifa mob, putting the latter in the spotlight once again and causing one to ask, what is Antifa exactly?

Jack Posobiec, a host at the One America News Network with a background as a US Naval Intelligence and who personally infiltrated a couple of Antifa units sat with Jan Jekielek of Thought Leaders to share his views.

“Within the US, I would say the Occupy movement is really the start of Antifa, so 2011-2012. Then, as they grew…the social justice movement kind of followed along, through academia, through pop culture – we’re seeing how corporate America is pushing in social justice culture – and…that’s fed into the rise of Antifa, hand-in-hand with the rise of the DSA – that’s the Democrat Socialists of America – which is…the quasi-political wing of this militant Left…

“Antifa is just the straight militant wing of this new push for Socialism in America by a new name – and it’s all Socialism, with just different marketing…They would call themselves Revcom and other instances, they would call themselves Occupy. Now, they’re going by Antifa but of course, they never officially refer to themselves as Antifa. Each chapter will sort of use a different name, a different sort of front group.

“In the San Francisco-Berkeley area, they’re referred to as By All Means Necessary or BAM. In Washington DC, they’ve called themselves Smash Racism DC. They’re now going by All-Out DC – but it’s essentially the same district and we see the same tactics being used again and again, in these different areas.”

Jan Jekielek then mentions the disturbing trend where members of the Mainstream Media actively support Antifa, such as Chris Cuomo at CNN, who has compared Antifa to the Allied soldiers storming the beaches of Normandy in Nazi-Controlled France and he asks Posobiec what he makes of this trend.

“Chris Cuomo has a monologue that he’s never disavowed…that says ‘not all punches are equal’. That’s CNN…one of their lead hosts saying, ‘not all punches are equal’, that it’s okay to punch people that have different political views than you.”

In addition to providing air cover for Antifa, media groups like CNN are simultaneously sending out a propaganda campaign in order to get the public to start to think that maybe it’s okay to be intolerant towards someone in a red hat supporting President Trump. Rather than tolerating political differences, political opponents are now constructed as ‘Bad’ and ‘We must stop the enemy.’ Organizers are deliberately feeding into some very primal and dangerous tendencies.

Compare the mainstream media non-coverage of Antifa’s violence versus their coverage of the Covington Catholic high school kid, who did nothing but smile during an awkward situation but who was wearing a MAGA hat and was therefore constructed as a horrible, disgusting racist and violence actually encouraged against him.

Posobiec says that this is an outgrowth of Progressivism. “The highest principle of Progressivism is the victim and victim-status. So, victim status is sort of this inverted pyramid, where instead of your accomplishments or your merits being how you’re defined, instead they define people by their past oppressions or past victimizations…

“Instead of living in a Constitutional Republic…it’s almost like the rules are devolving into a much more primitive, tribalistic state and to see this continue to be upheld, this new formation, this new subversion of American politics of American civil liberties it’s truly dangerous.”

Alexandra Bruce

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  • The closer we get to the 2020 elections, the more violent the demonstrations will become.
    Thank you, Alexandra.
    The Fascists, and the Communists will make life hell for the rest of us.

  • I’ve listened and relistened and he doesn’t say “who” Antifa is. Just “the Democrats ” So Democrats are the new negro, I get it, but to blanket “the Democrats ” your saying every single human on the planet who is democratic is Antifa. What nonsense. I’m a little tired of hearing about the Trump Bashers this is full blown demo bashing, negro bashing. So tired of all this nonsense.

    • “The Democrats are the new negro” is a horrible thing to say.

      I don’t see where you’re getting that about Democrats. The article I wrote does not even contain the word “Democrats”.

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