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    The term “Deep State” has been bandied about so much over the past couple of years as to trivialize growing awareness of this desperately important faction.

    The term is trivialized because it’s been ill-defined. If you’d have asked me to define it before I watched this video, I would have said that the Deep State is a group of unelected corrupt officials connected to the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) who hold undue power within the US Government. This is a start but thanks to the work of Thomas Paine (aka Douglas Gabriel) and the Conclave at Patriots 4 Truth, we now have a much clearer picture of what it is today and how it works.

    The Senior Executive Services (SES) is an agency founded in 1978 during the Carter Administration to enable the Executive Branch to hire the highest-level professionals from the private sector to advise the government at salaries competitive with the private sector. According to Gabriel, the Obama Administration put the Senior Executive Service on steroids with Executive Order 13714, creating a “standing army” of 8,156, of whom 7,000 were personally appointed by Obama. The SES pays the best salaries in federal work, with base pay equivalent to that of the Vice President. Obama made self-disclosure, even for National Security posts optional. While Trump appointees and employees are still waiting around for their clearances, SES employees don’t have to complete the disclosure forms normally required for government service, all the better not to scare away the most qualified saboteurs from civil service – and these appointees cannot be fired. The only way to get rid of them is to dissolve the agency.

    A “Plum Job” is a pleasant, easy job that pays well. Here is the official Plum Book, with the names and positions of everyone in the SES and their Federal salary schedules.  It was published by the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs on December 1, 2016.

    Don’t miss this discussion between Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben, which elaborates on all of the above and for more information, check out this breakthrough article.

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    • Trump needs to rescind XO 13734. Cobble a list of these criminals and start doing what he does best, Fire them with extreme prejudice!! How many of them are Communists and CFR members?
      You can bet they are no ladies sewing circle. This Federal Government needs to be shut down now. We the People need to do it!

    • Seeing this sensationalized title I had to listen to the contents. Ugh! Maybe I shouldn’t have. It is resulting in the longest comment I’ve ever posted anywhere behind several hours of research work.

      The thesis of this audio interview is that the SES cannot be fired. That is completely WRONG. The wages and positions list LINK provided here for you is informative but the thesis does not hold on both counts noted in the interview. (SEE Section 5 of the Executive Order (EO) 13714 which is the focus of this interview.)

      To their credit, these guys are not wrong about the SES being an invasive force that peddles influcence. Of course they are. Where, in any government office/agency, have we found this to be untrue? Where can we point inside governnment that we don’t find politicians on the take, building their bank accounts through corruption and complicity? Like the interviewer said (paraphased) “If they don’t participate they leave.” (Congressional Rep. GA. Cynthia McKinney). The Bushes and Clintons are glaring examples among thousands who peddle that engine. And the SES is definitely bad algae sucking oxygen from our pond. Nevertheless, this report is quite slanted. So be careful what you take away at face value and repeat to others. READ THIS FIRST.

      What is true is that it’s enormously difficult to fire SES appointees due to the daunting procedure which protects these appointments but THEY CAN BE FIRED. Let’s hear it again–THEY CAN BE FIRED.

      Why is it difficult to fire the SES? Just as in corporate America, there are rules. There is a procedure of data collection, meetings, agreement ‘among the ranks’ regarding the SES employee’s incompetancy or wrong doing and a final push procedure to take them out (see below dotted line). This includes ALL grades of SES employee–career, non-career, uniformed, et al. I know, personally, a retired Navy Chief (the SES interfaces with military specialists quite a bit) who has done the work to have them fired. Here is the problem. It’s a bitch to gather and present the evidence. There exists serious follow-up to any accusation of incompentency or wrong doing which requires an unsatisfied supervisor do massive amounts of paperwork for proofing. Those in authority over SES employees can have an appointee fired for anything that invalidates their status. For example: if you violate your security clearance by filing bankruptcy you can be (and usually are) fired from any security clearance work. Why? You can now be compromised by an enemy of the State via bribes.

      The majority of those who interface with the SES allow the group to slide year after year after year because it’s such tremendous work to take them out. That’s it. You may note this is the same problem we’ve all read about coming out of the UFO disclosure issue–no one wants to face the work that will definitely result from telling the public the truth. This no-more-paperwork fact promotes a ‘coasting attitude’ for many SES appointees who do little more than collect a salary and peddle influence for their first employer, the corporation. So, if you want to fire an SES appointee you have to stow the apathy, step up to the plate, be a stick-to-it person and do the work. Doesn’t sound like most people, huh? The responsibility for making the SES appointees accountable falls directly upon those to whom they report and who write their annual performance review. This is where the rubber meets the road.

      Really, think about it. If the POTUS can fire the FBI Deputy Director two days before his retirement (an action that can be prosecuted in a US Court as discriminatory in corporate America), he can fire as many SES employees as he wants. No law I know of protects them from that. If there is one, please, I’m listening. Why don’t POTUSes re-appoint all of them? Unless a President wants to get rid of the position they do not re-appoint all the SES positions. Why? It’s a huge pain, i.e. work. The “if it ain’t broke” reasoning presides here. Obummer loaded the SES with his personal appointments but Trump does not have to leave them there. (Again, SEE EO 13417 Section 5 which clearly spells this out.)

      While it’s entirely appropriate to be angry about uncovering yet another nail-in-the-coffin agency intrusion into elected government by corporate America, let’s get it right. The SES is a form of what we already know as the Lockheed Martin (LM) revolving door model between government and military contractors. Military contractors stopped investing in training employees long ago and became an extension of the American military, as well all know. The American taxpayer, via political corruption, has been footing that bill, as we all know. Corporate America positions themselves to take advantage of our tax investment by hiring their employees from government. So it should be no suprise that non-military American corporations were allowed the same inside track through the creation of the SES. It may have begun as a honest idea to assist government in areas of study where specific expertise was required but the SES has become another revolving door model for corporate America.

      I see no information in the EO 13714 or the associated .gov wage policies (SEE below the dotted line) which supports the statements made by the interviewee about the SES being “un-fireable” or of its employees being “paid more than the USA VP” which is illegal according to the Office of Persnal Management (OPM). If the SES is being paid more than the Vice-President (approx. $238,000) it’s undocumented and therefore illegal. Locality is part of the formula (extra pay one gets for working in an expensive geographic location). Albeit, we should consider that it has become standard operating proceure (SOP) among corrupt politicians to find a big rock behind which to hide their monetary corruption. If you can speak to the undocumented payments of the SES with any authority I’d like to hear that story.

      There is no question that corporations and government are clearly merged inside the SES and within full view of the American people when those like Sandburg, Podesta and Horowitz are revealed. It should be infuriating for anyone who can understand what they are seeing in the listing document simply by browsing the titles. The fact that the taxpayer is footing the bill for these so-called vetted experts is appauling, I agree. Clearly, as with the LM revolving door model the SES is used similarly by those who would want control of funds, influence and power. However, to say the SES IS the Shadow Government (SG) is grossly inaccurate. There’s no doubt that like most areas inside the US government the SES is used as a weapon of influence for promoting power monger agendas. Even so, I found it unproductive that so much of the conversation fell into a complaining, party-line mode about poor ol’ Trump rather than addressing the facts. Moreover we cannot say the SES is the SG. That is ridiculous. They contribute, no doubt, and are part of the Deep State mechanism. As well, it’s tempting to point to them, because they exsit in a neat package, and exclaim “Look! We found the SG.” The strength of the SG is it’s practice of non-centralization, much like terror cells.

      The central reason I’m addressing this particular interview in-depth is that I am growing weary of the bad narrative. Narratives such as this are beginning to mirror the MSM’s approach to news where every detail must be researched to assure it’s true. Why promote the take down of a legacy model which we know is built on and controlled by power monger deceptions and lies if we do nothing better for the reader? If we do not produce accurate information that seeks to avoid comformity from devisive political opinions then why do it? You can answer that for yourselves. IMO, we simply promote another narrative of un-truth. We should strive, always, to be excellent journalists who report as complete a truth as we know at the time of reporting, a la Eva Barlett, and be courageous enough to say when we’ve made an omission or been outright wrong.

      ***BTW–The retirement red herring thrown into the mix, which I have not been able to research due to incomplete/unclear info in the discussion, sounds like a “double-dipping” issue. The comment was something about not being able to take your retirement with you if you wanted to change positions from a government agency to an SES appointment. This may be a misconception based on the double-dipping law or “gaming the system” as it’s called. Prior to the 1983 Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) and it’s sister rule, the Government Pension Offset (GPO) that affects benefits, you could retire from one government job and take a second job from which you could receive a second retirement making two separate retirement payments coming out of the same pot. (There was/may still be loop hole areas where benefits can be parlayed into a second career path which would constitute triple-dipping. Not sure.) Today, as a government employee you take only one government retirement no matter how many government jobs make you eligible for retirement. Before the date noted one could ‘double-dip’. Not today.***



      The Senior Executive Service (SES) is a performance-based pay system. The SES pay range has a minimum rate of basic pay equal to 120 percent of the rate for GS-15, step 1, and a maximum rate of basic pay equal to the rate for Level III of the Executive Schedule. SES members have an annual aggregate limitation on pay equal to the rate for Level I of the Executive Schedule. However, for any agency certified under 5 U.S.C. 5307(d) as having a performance appraisal system that, as designed and applied, makes meaningful distinctions based on relative performance, the maximum rate of basic pay will be the rate for Level II of the Executive Schedule. Also, agencies with certified SES performance appraisal systems must apply a higher aggregate limitation on pay–up to the Vice President’s salary.


      Disciplinary removal procedures and rights are similar to those for competitive service employees, except that the standard for action is “misconduct, neglect of duty, malfeasance, or failure to accept a directed reassignment or to accompany a position in a transfer of function.” The executive must receive 30 days notice of a proposed removal, has the right to reply, and may appeal to MSPB, but has no placement right to a GS-15 position.

      Noncareer and limited appointees
      Removal is at the discretion of the agency head. The law does not specify procedural requirements for noncareer, most limited term appointees, limited emergency appointees, and reemployed annuitants. Thus, such appointees may be removed under established agency procedures. Appointees under these circumstances do not have appeal rights to MSPB. Some executives on limited term appointments have placement rights.

      (You may note in this part of the policies that those in authority give themselves leeway to avoid a PIP, to date. As well, they can move SES non-performers around which keeps them in the system. Nevertheless, the SES appointee still falls under someone’s guidance and supervision.)
      SEE page 20 – Removals from the SES for Poor Performance Agency managers can take a performance-based action after the career appointee has: received a performance plan; been given a progress review; served the minimum appraisal period; and been rated on his/her performance. If the rating is unsatisfactory, the agency has two options: remove the individual from the SES, or reassign or transfer him/her to another SES position. If the executive is retained in the SES, the agency should provide assistance in improving performance. There is no requirement for a formal performance improvement plan (PIP), as there is for positions at GS-15 and below.

    • Won’t the Obama mob appointed to the S.E.S. be simply declared null and void when it is legally proven that BHO was not born in/on an American territory i.e., invalidating each and every document he signed ‘into law’ (‘by the book’, Quran?)?

    • Making names and destroying names, where new names arise?
      It is a survival system.
      The question is, how functions the system of life?

    • The Head of Deep State is British Royal Family and Vatican, until the bean spilled. There were never a chance to save our world, sugar coated the real criminal is a cop out. Queen Elizabeth also, head of the Vatican.
      Queen Elizabeth lighted Kissinger, Obama, George Bush, Colin Luther Powell & etc. Pl. check the following videos and spread the message far and wide to save humanity and our universe.
      St. Louis University Status Correction Seminar ;
      The Real Matrix Hidden in Plain Sight | Babylonian Debt Magick System & How to Break Free;
      Ken Cousens Explains the Why and How of Building a Private Society;
      Everything the Govt Says is a Lie – Jeff Berwick on Silver Doctors
      Anonymous – The Act Of 1871 – The UNITED STATES is a CORPORATION
      How USA is a Corporation & Still Owned By King Of England…”LAYMENS TERMS”

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