The latest releases from Project Veritas involve undercover camera of journalists at the Washington Post, that reveal how negative portrayals of Trump are good for business. Joey Marburger, Director of Product is shown saying, “If Trump disappeared tomorrow, our traffic would drop by 40%.” Dan Lamothe, National Security Reporter describes the editorial staff there as extreme and wanting to educate people in their point of view, as opposed to being concerned with facts.

The Washington Post’s motto is “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” We learn from a WaPo staffer that Jeff Bezos personally approved of this new motto, due to his strong belief that Democracy in the US is in its death throes.

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  • I would think that it’s Project Veritas that has been exposed as promoting “fake news.” I never thought much of them from the get-go, but the story the last week of that woman going to the Washington Post with a false story about Roy Moore would be the final straw for Project Veritas.

    The situation was that this woman gave some wild story about being impregnated by Roy Moore when she was a young teen and forced to have an abortion. The WoPo staff writers who investigated their original expose of Moore thought something fishy was with her story. They did their usual vetting and ended up exposing the woman as an undercover agent for Project Veritas, sent in to attempt to embarrass the Washington Post.

    What happened is the gambit backfired on Project Veritas and exposed them as having no credibility. I don’t believe the video above, as it’s been proven that Veritas carefully edits their videos to suit their propaganda purpose.

    It also put the Washington Post in a good light, proving that they properly vet their stories and the original one about Roy Moore and young teens was true. Facts do matter to the Washington Post, it would appear to prove.

    As for news outlets going out of their way to embarrass President Trump, they don’t need to, as he’s providing plenty of ammunition on a weekly basis. The latest to come out is that Trump is telling people privately that he thinks the Access Hollywood video, where he bragged about grabbing women’s genitals, is a “fake” and it’s not him. He’s also reviving privately that old “birtherism” canard that he supposedly repudiated that Obama was really born in Kenya.

    This is no laughing matter. Many psychiatrists and psychologists experienced in aging diseases are saying Trump is exhibiting the symptoms of early dementia, probably Alzheimer’s, as his father had that in his later years.

  • Personally, I appreciate the exposure of hypocrisy with NO reservations (tks, Bourdain) and find that both sides (the duality of which I firmly reject as Hegelian manipulation) sport severe delusions of grandeur. Kinda like the Abrahamic tradition all screaming about being right with their interpretations of the grand design. ]

    WETHEPEOPLE must remain cognizant of these world of opposites plays being put upon us.

    The two WaHoPo guys are sincere in their efforts, but neither have sway over the ‘big voice’ writing the checks from the editorial conference room. And that voice makes their sincerity look like either complacency, which I doubt, acquiescence, a probably, and most obviously effects of the Eye of Sauron lurking within every electronic gizmodo they’ve been required to gulp into their lives both private and at work.

    There no longer are sane sides, fair sides, honest sides as they have morphed into ‘cides which kill freedom for individuals and life itself. If one dares look with critical eye at human sustenance and it’s origins, the parallel is evident in the information used and the information received. Artificial, petro-chem saturated, spun, money blinded, greed-centric and zero regard for the future of humanity…except, of course, for the juvenile, emotionally and spiritually immature AI and tech press put on by big brain 22 year olds and their doppleganger elders.

  • Well, finally it comes to the point that any one on earth has his/hers subjective truth, which for sure could be fake news for the partners on earth.

    Nevertheless, there must be an universal truth, where I think by finding out who/what I am, could help my universal truth. This truth could be now a truth for any one.

    I guess, the process of discovering who/what I am, is coming home…………
    We, all came out of an organism, which “exploded” by the big bang. So coming home is to find the original organism.

    • Man, know thy self…golden thread of truth placed millennia ago for those with the eye to see and the Heart to know. With that quest as one’s focus, the emotions calm, confusions clear and the truth (please see red pill analogies) does set you freeeee…just not the same freeeee we’ve been sold in the hedonist, narcissist mode false free definition and life style.

      I do believe ‘big bangs’, dark matter, black holes et al are fast fading with the delusions of today’s sciences. We live in a perfect system and have chosen to redesign it in our own immature mindset rather than discern it’s meaning and work with it. Chaos is the key manipulation sold to humanity…no chaos here if one uses intuition, inner sight and common freakin’ sense.

      BUT, stepping outside the present blue pill delusions has become herculean due to humanities readily manipulated path of taking the easy way…gimme a pill, gimme a computer, gimme more electricity, gimme food faster, gimme a faster car, gimme gimme gimme, with no thought towards outcome or the jeopardy inherent in the very function of ‘gimme’.

      • I agree with intuition, inner sight, however not with sensing.
        Insttead of sensing there is feeling.
        Is there any one who knows the difference between sensing and feeling?

      • Joe,

        why are you saying: Man know thy self?

        I say: I know my self, now asking, do you know also this myself.
        At least there is a possibility for an open speaking, which is needed on the path of truth.


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