Europe is already doing the Great Reset, with extreme lock downs and contact tracing. Tore asks us what’s the main difference between America and the rest of the world? Guns: the Second Amendment.

She jokes that in the UK, there’s almost a Ministry of Cutlery, due to the knife crime that exists there (arguably, due to the lack of guns).

The world is watching. What are our options?

1. Trump concedes. This leads to civil war.

2. Biden is “inaugurated” virtually, the same way he broadcast his “acceptance” through a Jumbotron overlooking a parking lot of empty Jeeps.

The branches of government will be forced to choose which camp they are in, dividing the government.

This leads to civil war.

3. Pence rejects the Electors on January 6th. Though he failed to reject the current slate of Electors on December 23rd and force those contested states to choose representative delegates (aka “play the Pence Card”), he will suddenly come through then.

This leads to civil war.

4. Trump gets the votes, 26 to 24 and is declared President. This leads to civil war.

Tore says with options 3 or 4, Trump will be impeached within two weeks because none of the voting machines have been certified since 2017, which de-legitimizes not only ALL the 2020 Elections but also those of 2018!

She says the articles are drawn up and he will lose.

Followed by a civil war.

All four options lead to civil war.

Tore says, “Here’s the real option we have, based on things that will come…This is how you win hard. The day comes on January 6th and a victory is declared for President Trump. Everyone roars.

“They see the numbers of 1.7 million patriots, stomping into DC and they can’t unsee it. They know just how much trouble they are in…they’re like, ‘It’s OK. We’re going to impeach him anyway.’ It’s an open and shut case…So here it is. They give it to President Trump.”

Tore thinks Trump should activate the troops that have been readied to deliver vaccines though Operation Warp Speed and have them be deployed with bodycams – livestreaming – into everyone’s homes, nationwide to record our votes in a mass, transparent run-off, where nobody can refute the outcome.

This would not only be a way to cement Trump’s mandate but to kill the impending bogus impeachment. Tore says there is a probable timeline where this happens and Trump is inaugurated on March 4th.

She says, “The only way to stop whatever the UN is doing, the only way to stop this Reset, even for those millions of people who outside these borders who are suffering right now is to, in fact livestream election ballot counting, state-by-state. We’ve got the numbers, let’s do it.”

She thinks this would empower the people across world, who are being held hostage in their own homes.

“We fail, everyone eats dirt. We rise – man, those elites on the other side of the pond gonna be in some serious trouble…

“The Patriots [Left and Right] need to unite under one one flag, which is Freedom. This is why it was founded. Freedom, freedom, free will. What God gave us. The ability to be free. That is our God-given right and no earthly or non-earthly being can take that away from us…”

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  • Good, then whip the Scum-o-crats butts and let them know that we can fight long and hard. We are tired of their crooked thieving ways.

  • The “option 4”, 2018 voting machine theory will not ‘come into play’, be cause there would be no evidence in any direction, paper or code. The machines were wiped, and paper shredded.
    The only election fraud evidence that could swing would be what they have right now, if they can preserve it.

  • Dear Alexandra,

    If any of the outcomes that Tore predicts come true, then may the True-God help us!

    I confess with my lot, aka ACIO presumably in Lockdown saying nothing, it worries me that P. Trump is, seemingly surrounded by ‘Evil’? And worse, that we have heard nothing from him?

    • I should have added; that last March I was told it would all be over by now! Thus judging by the collective abysmal energy of my colleagues in ACIO, I am advised by my HS that overcoming ‘Evil’ is not going as well as hoped!


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