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Featuring George Lucas, Michio Kaku, Stephen Hawking and other scientists, this show is inspired by real missions, such as the NASA Origins Program, the NASA/JPL Terrestrial Planet Finder and the European Space Agency’s Darwin Project.

This computer animated drama/documentary is set on a planet 6.5 light-years from Earth, with two suns and 60 percent of Earth’s gravity. Named Darwin IV, this planet has been identified as a world that could support life and an unmanned fleet of three probes is launched to find and assess any life forms there.

Initially, the expectation is to find microscopic life but the probes soon find themselves in the middle of a developed ecosystem teeming with diversity of life of all sizes.

NASA’s Terrestrial Planet Finder, scheduled for launch in 2014 will be tasked with finding 500 Earth-like planets outside of our solar system.

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