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You may need to replay this clip, two or three times to absorb everything but I think he nails it.

* The dollar is  coming to an end in a global, economic re-set. This is by design, on the part of the IMF. Some say that the dollar may be off by 30% by 2017.

* The Chinese Renminbi (aka Yuan) was added to the basket of global Reserve Currencies, knocking the Euro down by 5 points and the Japanese Yen by one point (this went largely unreported, due to the Paris terrorist attacks.

* This is a time of fundamental change and many new opportunities are opening up.

* The Climate Change summit in Paris is not about saving the polar bears, it’s about carbon trading derivatives, from which our fearless leaders will make a killing.

* The US Government is going down in flames, NATO is going down in flames – the entire West is going down in flames; economically.

* All world wars are economic in nature. During the Great Depression, no American ever imagined that the dollar would become the world reserve currency – but sure enough, the US dollar became the global reserve currency after WWII. He says, ” We’re in one of these moments now!”

* Fasten your seatbelts!

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