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Upon his announcement of the opening of the Olympic Games at Rio, Brazil’s Interim President was largely booed by an audience of 79,000 before the massive fireworks display from the edges of Maracanã Stadium drowned out the din of disapproval.

Small groups of demonstrators hoisting “Temer Out!” signs were seen outside of the stadium and a photo of legendary Brazilian musician, Caetano Veloso holding a “Temer Out!” sign was tweeted by his film producer wife backstage, prior to his performance in the opening ceremony. The tweet has since gone viral.

Michel Temer was recently fined the equivalent of $25,000 – and more importantly – barred from running for public office until 2024, due to his conviction for campaign fraud. Temer made contributions to his cronies’ campaigns exceeding 10% of his annual income, per his tax return, which is against the law in Brazil. (Wherever DID he get that money?)

So, regardless of whether or not sidelined President Dilma Rousseff survives her impeachment hearings, scheduled for later this month, Temer will not be allowed to run for President of Brazil, after Dilma’s term expires in 2018.

This is very much to the satisfaction of the vast majority of the Brazilian people. The corruption in Brazil’s politics is systematically being rooted out both peacefully and legally. This is admirable and hopefully instructive, as it unfurls on the world stage.

It would be interesting if the 2016 Olympic Games could be turned into an occasion for the victims of bad governments worldwide to celebrate their solidarity in despising their own tyrannies! (Doubtful!)

For all of the doomsaying about the Rio Olympics, the opening ceremony went off without a hitch – Brazilians are actually quite good at this stuff – even if NBC has been criticized for producing a broadcast that actually managed to make Brazil look boring.

My prediction is that if anything “bad” happens during the Olympics over the next few weeks – and of course, it is my deepest wish that nothing does – it will NOT be due to any actions by Brazilians, who have demonstrated incredible reserve and fortitude during a very rough patch in their country’s politics and in a collapsed economy, where they cannot afford to be hosting this multi-billion-dollar event.

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