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A Very British Coup d’État

If members of Congress and in mainstream news outlets from the New York Times to CNN seem to be speaking in unison, reading from the same script with the same talking points, and if the absurd clampdown on the Internet and the tech giants’ mass de-platformings of those pushing back against this narrative seem to be coordinated, it’s because they are! The populations of Russia, China, Western Europe and the US have been targeted in a rapid-response black propaganda information warfare operation of British Intelligence.

This excellent video put together by Fight Globalism gives us a peak into the concerns of the British power structure expressed in the December 2018 Integrity Initiative report, published by the British House of Lords and promptly leaked by the Anonymous hacking group.

The leaked documents reveal the British role in Spygate (aka RussiaGate), in what technically amounts to an Act of War against the US by a hostile foreign power through an underhanded state-funded influence network, working with Leftists within the US Government to obsessively fight “malign” Russian influence.

The Internet is seen as a major threat to their goals as are people who don’t believe the official explanations of 9/11; who know that the US interventions in Syria and Libya openly supported terrorists; that the 2014 Ukraine coup d’état run by the British in the US State Department had a major Neo-Nazi component. Brexit and Donald Trump are seen as terrifying things that happened because people “knew too much”.

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