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The permanent coup against Trump is now being publicly endorsed by the Military Industrial Complex.

Retired generals have taken taxpayer-funded high tech military datamining and artificial intelligence psychological warfare weapons and privatized them for their personal gain and to use against us to control the public narrative. They do this through their private companies, that contract with the Intelligence Community.

Some of the most recognizable perpetrators of this are Gen. James L. Jones, former NSA Director Michael Hayden and Gen. Stanley McCrystal.

Tore Maras, the whistleblower who appeared in Shadow Gate claims that Jones and Hayden received $100 million from Tencent to do this on behalf of the CCP.

Amazing Polly is here with this important report about the information war.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • We ARE in a war, regardless of whether anyone in government will admit it, probably since many therein are among the enemies arrayed against us. Granted, this is Assymetrical Warfare which many do not have any understanding of what it is or how it works, but again, ignorance of facts does not change those facts though it does allow our enemies to strengthen.

  • Even the friends of my 11 year old grandson are telling him at school that their Dads are getting ready for a civil war in America. Our military is not a monolithic entity. There may be some high ranking officers who have sold their souls to assist Biden, but my intel suggests that about 80% of the rest are not going to cooperate, and in fact will act to protect Pres. Trump. This includes probably close to 100% of retired personnel. It appears that the attempted Bolshevik revolution currently taking place in America is about to go kinetic.

  • WOW! Amazing Polly is such an example of dedication to Accuracy and Truth! Thank you for your dedication to sharing your passion. You are certainly at your best during the disclosure of this information. I had no idea that a coup was in the making. If Americans allow this “coup” to happen, then they deserve what they get. I hope they see the light and inspire others to take action.

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