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August 29, 2012

In Asia, there are prevalent beliefs about the relationship between blood type, personality and compatibility.

The militarist government of early 20th century Japan studied the breeding of better soldiers based on blood type, which ultimately did not lead anywhere.

More recently naturopath physician, Peter D’Adamo wrote a popular book about a diet designed for the different blood types, the ideas of which are presented in this video and which I thought looked quite interesting, although it has been criticized by some as a kind of pseudoscientific “Bloodtype Astrology.”


Blood group O is described by D’Adamo to be the hunter, his perception of the earliest human blood group. The diet recommends that this blood group eat a higher protein diet, presumably since O blood type is alleged by D’Adamo as the first blood type that he believes originated 30,000 years ago. However, research indicates that blood type A is actually the oldest.

Blood group A is called the agrarian or cultivator by D’Adamo, where he believes a more recently evolved blood type dates from the dawn of agriculture 20,000 years ago. The diet recommends that individuals of blood group A eat a diet emphasizing vegetables and free of red meat, a more vegetarian food intake.

Blood group B is the nomad says D’Adamo, associated with a strong immune system and a flexible digestive system. He asserts that people of blood type B are the only ones who can thrive on dairy products and D’Adamo estimates blood type B arrived 10,000 years ago. However, this contradicts the fact that people with blood type B tend to be from Asia (specifically, China or India), and not from northern Europe, whereas lactose intolerance is most common among people of Asian, South American, and African descent and least common among those descended from northern Europe or northwestern India.

Blood group AB is the enigma as described by D’Adamo, who believes it is the most recently evolved type arriving less than 1,000 years ago. In terms of dietary needs, his blood type diet treats this group as an intermediate between blood types A and B.

Scientific criticism

The Blood Type Diet has met with criticisms for many different reasons, some of which have been addressed publicly by D’Adamo.

Research evidence

One criticism of D’Adamo’s hypotheses and recommendations claims that he provided inadequate evidence. For example, his first book, Eat Right 4 Your Type, published in 1997, contains only a bibliography. While his subsequent books have provided thorough references for the classifications of various foods within his categories of “beneficials”, “neutrals”, and “avoids”, his specific process and reasons for reaching these conclusions of classification remain undocumented.

Also, by restricting the complex processes of the human body to just four limiting stereotypes, the blood type diet has been likened to a “blood type astrology”.


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