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Alexandra Bruce
April 4 2014

There are literally thousands – or tens of thousands of videos posted to YouTube, showing people, including a blond-haired, red-bearded astronomy professor from Arizona State University who often drives to an amazing telescope near the Mexican border, to do his studies. He and many others like him have found themselves pulled over by Border Patrol so many times that they have taken to filming these events and their ballsy responses to these Federal Agents. One could even say that such videos form a YouTube genre unto itself.

This ReasonTV piece is a humorous bit of role reversal, where the Border Patrol agent says everything that you should say, should you choose to say anything, at all, as you are not actually legally obliged to speak, duly pointed out the friendly Border Patrol agent, who doles out pocket-sized Constitutions and his business card with his supervisor’s name and email address written out on the back. “Know your rights.”


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Alexandra Bruce

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Alexandra Bruce

Alexandra Bruce

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