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    Tyler Bass
    Forbidden Knowledge TV
    May 31, 2015

    Perhaps you have invested years of your life or even your entire savings into educating yourself for that perfect job. Meanwhile technological automation is picking up more and more of the heavy lifting for the precise tasks at which you have tried to become expert.
    Mainstream economists assure us that those advances will heighten productivity, not empty out the job market. Is that true?

    The filmmakers behind “Will Work for Free” in the UK, where overall employment levels parallel those in the United States, size up how much of the workforce is having to rely on part-time work. Particularly follow the 2008 global economic collapse, many employees go part-time in lieu of the full-time labor, and the accompanying benefits, a smaller number of workers used to enjoy.

    Will society generate work for its own sake, or will we enter a new global paradigm that the Zeitgeist movement promises to be more sustainable?

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