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Alexandra Bruce
September 16, 2014

Monarch butterflies migrate to warmer regions each winter, but in recent years, Mexico has seen far fewer monarch arrivals (this clip was produced last year).

Environmental changes have eliminated the butterflies’ sources of food and shelter along the way. The extended drought in the West (which many believe to be caused by geoengineering/chemtrails) means less nectar-bearing flowers will bloom, which the monarchs consume for energy to make the journey.

It is also thought that pesticides are also doing away with their principal food source, milkweed, during their larval state.

Independent video journalist Ross Velton reports on efforts to help monarchs survive their journey south.

So few monarchs made it back to Mexico last autumn that many are concerned if their migrating population will ever return to normal levels. We’ll soon see what happens this season, which I suspect will be even less, as the drought continues.

Alexandra Bruce

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