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Alexandra Bruce
November 23, 2013

“When You Don’t Exist” is Amnesty International’s campaign for the human rights of migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers in Europe and at its borders.

People move to Europe for different reasons. Some flee persecution or war. Others leave because of chronic poverty. They hope to find a safer, better future in Europe. But too often they find a different reality.

This piece drives the point home by reversing the roles of the people seeking asylum and their would-be hosts.

According to the forecast, which is a merge of several miitary and banking forecasts of what the world will look like in 10 years, the European population will have declined overall. The US population will have lost over 250M people, many to countries in South America, such as Brazil which is forecast to gain almost 20M new inhabitants – not from their low natural population growth but due to migrants from the North.

Alexandra Bruce

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Alexandra Bruce

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