At the Dolphin Discovery Center in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico, there’s been a major breakthrough in reproducing how dolphins “see” using their sense of sonar.

An echolocation beam transmitted by a dolphin was recorded of a submerged man. The resulting image was faint but using enhancement techniques, key features of the man and the surrounding background were revealed. The submerged man was Jim McDonough and the female research dolphin, Amaya was tasked to echolocate towards the man.

More information on this research can be found in the Oceanography section of

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  • Stoepsle:

    I totally know that feeling! When I found out how stone circles are laid out, and the science behind it, I was walking on air for a week.

  • Cool. Some blind people learned how to navigate between buildings and open spaces with their hearing. They know when they’re approaching an obstacle.

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